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I believe I can fly…..

There comes a time in life when all the coaching, advice and best wishes of friends, family and mentors can’t help you anymore. You have done the work and climbed the mountain. At some point you have to make that leap of faith and believe that all the training will serve you well. You gotta spread your wings and fly. Just jump for Christ’s sake. BE THE BIRD!

You gotta love the animal spirits in the world. Turtles that crawl up from the sandy beaches and instinctively head into the surf. No swimming lessons for them – they just dive headlong into the water! No floaties, no nose clips, they head straight for the deep end.  Birds are pretty cool too. One day they just decide to jump! And there you have it! Sometimes momma gives them a nudge cause she is damn sick and tired of regurgitating worms up 10 times a day to feed them. After weeks of benging and purging I bet “empty nest” syndrome never crosses her mind! Animals haven’t locked in on this code of fear like humans have. Instead they have an incredible and inherent sense of BELIEF.

As I have gotten older I have gotten to a point where I can honestly say. I BELIEVE. I believe in me. Cause if I don’t, who will? Others can believe in you all day long but they can’t fly for you. They can tell you how to do it and where and when….but that is about it.

Nope. If you wanna soar, you gotta jump out of the nest on all your own. Everyone else is just a cheerleader on the sideline…and I personally LOVE cheerleaders…unless they are too skinny. I hate looking at anything I could bust like a twig. I’M JUST SAYING!

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. Hide and watch. There’s gonna be some great things coming our way!

I love each and every one of you. Even if you think your excluded, your not.


Patience Grasshopper…..

Patience Grasshopper….ugh…I’m trying, I’m trying…okay, honestly?Some days, I’m tired of trying. Some days I just want to let loose and spew a vile and nasty string of words at the world just to get it off my chest. I wanna get mad and throw things and hear glass shatter. I wanna scream so loud they can hear me in the next county. I want small children to tremble in my presence….okay, maybe not that extreme but you see where I am going here.

When you try to walk a path of unconditional love it seems like, when you least expect it, someone shots an RPG (for those that don’t watch NCIS that is a rocket propelled granade) right at your ass. While your busy holding the door open and saying “have a nice day” and “may peace be with you” there is someone stepping on your toes as they scurry past with not so  much as an “Excuse me” or “Pardon me”.

People suck…. , maybe not all people but some really do. At least a few do.

Aghhhhhh but Grasshopper : ” To be able under ALL circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness”….says Confucius.

Okay…people don’t suck. They just walk different paths. I know. I know.  Every encounter is a lesson no matter how big or small. Well then some lessons SUCK!!!!!   There, I said it. I feel better now. Can’t you tell? Don’t you see the smile on the grasshoppers face!

Here is a bigger version. Courtesy of  http://www.elizabethcrocker.com and http://www.thewayiseeitthroughmylens.blogspot.com

I love each and every one of you


All roads……

A friend asked me yesterday ” When am I going to stop missing my last relationship?”

Boy, If I could tell you that I’d be a millionaire.

But the question isn’t really when will you quit missing that person. And it’s not ” when will you meet someone new?”. It’s simpler than that. It’s: WHEN WILL YOU FEEL NORMAL AGAIN?  There was a time before the relationship when things were normal. You were single and spent time with family and friends and you felt no pressure to be with anyone. Dinners out and movies, trips to the beach and family reunions, brunch on a Sunday or Wednesday night out with the girls. All just the average things you participated in on a daily basis. But now – you feel abnormal, unbalanced, incomplete.

Since your breakup, even if you instigated it, you feel left behind. You feel cheated that they didn’t try harder. They didn’t fight for the relationship. And you feel guilty that maybe you didn’t try as hard as you could. Maybe your expectations were to high. Maybe theirs were. Maybe they were trying. They just needed a different outcome than you did. Either way, I understand the frustration and self judgement one feels in this situation. However, this is a time of reflection and digestion. While you are in this mood you are learning even if you don’t realize it.

Life is very much like a stretch of Texas Highway. Some places are filled with vibrant and beautiful fields of Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brush set on the side of the road that stretch into pastures and tree lines this time of year. But they aren’t everywhere. And they don’t stay long. No, it’s a special time and there are special places along your journey home. You don’t really miss them or even think about them till they start popping here and there. They are the bright spots in your trip thru Texas. And as fast as they came and are enjoyed, they are gone. And the road loses some of its granduer. You miss them, but you move on down the road. They left you with fond memories and the seeds to grow a new experience in the future.

It’s time to feel normal again. But you have to be willing to appreciate the beauty where God placed it. And just know it will come again down the road. You don’t have to know the exact day or location. Just know it’s over the next hill.

I love each and every  you


Happiness is.

Sometimes the silliest things make me happy.

I don’t know why or when it came about but for as long as I can remember ironing was always just fun to me.

These days I roll my office chair around in front of the TV. I prop open my antique ironing board and grab my can of lemon scented spray starch and just press the bejesus out of all my clothes. I like the smell of the starch and the sense of accomplishment when all the pants are done. I know it sounds silly. But there it is. It makes me happy. And while I was ironing today I thought of all the people I touched this weekend by showing up and participating and how they touched me in turn. JUST PARTICIPATING makes such a huge impact.

Opening day of little league was interesting for sure. 100’s of boys and girls took the field all in their respective age groups and teams. Coaches and kids alike in their new uniforms. I saw more than one little boy trying to adjust to the athletic cup that was ten times bigger than he was. And though I hated getting up so early – it was pretty damn funny to watch. Each of the kids that participated in the ceremony from flag bearer to leading the Little League pledge looked to me to get them through their part. There was fear in those little eyes…they were nervous. But they did just fine.

Evening came and I  sang in the show at Cullen Theater that focused on the need for peace in the world through diversity and acceptance. It was just the other side of awesome. Different countries, different languages, different styles of performance all brought together through music. It brought happiness to a full audience that clapped and cheered for more.

My weekend was just a reminder that we can make our own happiness. And it really doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Sometimes just showing up is enough.The only person who holds the key to your happiness is you. As we get older we sometimes forget where we put our keys. Check the bowl by the front door. I’ll bet you can find a spare there.

I love each and every one of you


All through the night….

The night was clear and there seemed to be a thousand stars in the sky. The amber-colored lights of the city flickered at a steady pace below us. I was comfortable, relaxed. There was a soft glow of light from the dashboard radio as we sat in an old red Land Shark listening to Smokey Robinson. Great car that 59 Cadillac Convertible with its white leather bucket seats and stylish fins flying off the back. You were sitting there just being gorgeous in your own skin. Your smile so broad it belonged on a toothpaste commercial. Your eyes as soft as your touch. There I sat just waiting for your kiss…………..BING! BING! BING!…….BING! BING! BING!…….DAMN IT BLACKBERRY!!!! I was sleeping! And dreaming….oooooh, maybe if I shut my eyes really quickly I can pick up where I left off.

Eyes shut tight, deep breath,  exhale…..wait…..wait….waittttt…..nothing!

Nothing pisses me off more than having a brilliantly vibrant dream squashed by ……MORNING….Business…..E-Mails…..Texts……WORK! Just when it was getting really good just like in the movies….BWAUHHHH!!! 😦

What was so important? Catherine’s is having a 40% off sale on Maggie Barnes Tops and Bottoms this weekend only! One Spirit Book Club has FREE shipping and one of the girls wants an impromptu rehearsal at her apartment tonight. All before 7:30 am. Then I notice my Danceswithfat blog has come in as well. I refuse to get up yet so I read it in bed. Boy did that wake me up.

Apparently Rick Chandler a sports writer for a MAJOR news agency wrote a tasteless blog about Kelly Gneiting. The 430 lb former sumo wrestler who ran and COMPLETED the LA MARATHON. Regan (From danceswithfat) didn’t want to comment on his blog site but aired her disdain on her own blog. But I damn sure wrote on his comment board. His blog is below and so is my comment.

Kelly Gneiting hauls his 430 pounds to LA Marathon finish line

Rick Chandler

Mar 21, 2011, 7:18 PM EDT

“Kelly Gneiting, a 430-pound sumo wrestler and longhaul truck driver, entered the Guinness Book of World Records on Sunday as the heaviest person to ever finish a marathon, finishing the Los Angeles Marathon in 11 hours, 52 minutes, and 11 seconds. Impressive, I suppose. But you may scratch your head when you read the following quote:

After jogging the first 8 miles, he walked the final 18. According to Fox Sports he claims he was delirious from mile 10 onward.

What fun!

But taking half a day to finish a marathon, and walking the great majority of it, is not really a sports accomplishment, is it? It’s just kind of a long walk to the store. The bigger accomplishment would be losing 200 pounds and then running the marathon. But there I go being cynical again. Actually, since Gneiting is the size of two people, you could say that each of him finished in 5 hours, 26 minutes, 5 seconds. That sounds better.”


I am, well, just sick over your comments. Had this ATHLETE been in a wheel chair , or 90 yrs old or on fake legs, deaf and blind you would have applauded his heroism, his drive and determination. His dedication to take on more than he was thought capable of would have made the evening news. I always have said the only two people who ever get recognition at a marathon or the winner and the guy who takes the longest to hit the finish line.

This IS a sports accomplishment. Better yet it is a HUMAN accomplishment. I think he fucking ROCKS for daring to put himself out there. He has allot bigger balls  (no pun intended) then most the men I know regardless of their size.

When will modern-day media get off the FAT WAGON and start seeing people for WHO they are.

The “BIGGER ACCOMPLISHMENT” is not to lose weight first and then live your life. It is to take the first step to living your life OUTLOUD and being happy.

A man born without a right leg won the NCAA wrestling championship. Did anybody write an article about how HE should have stayed on the couch? NO – he was applauded for his efforts and achievements.

Try riding the HUMANITY TRAIN  Rick…It’s a much smoother ride!

Well – That got my blood to boiling enough to get my ass out of bed. Just remember  – If you can dream it – you can live it! My “parking” days are far from over!

I love each and every one of you



Have you noticed? The days are getting longer. The sun is shining down on us and the weather is getting warmer by the day. The grass is greener and my car is dusted in a light coating of fresh yellow gunk every day. I feel something strange creeping up on me day by day. My stomach is just a TAD queezy. Hmmm. I wonder what it could be? Spring Fever you ask? NO…well, ya – but NO…something else. Maybe love is in the air – Hardly!  Hay fever? No! Flu? – nope, already had that. How about the opening of Little League Baseball?…. yep, that’s it. DON’T LAUGH!!! I am dead serious here. It is way worse than you could ever imagine. 

You see, I volunteered to do what most professional, experienced singers in their right mind, would NEVER do. I agreed to sing the National Anthem on Saturday for the Katy National Little League Opening day. Wait…..it gets better. I have to sing this nightmare of a song at 9:00am IN THE MORNING!!!!…..Lord, Jesus, help me…..I know not what I have done to myself!!!! I can’t decide between doing a shot of tequila or stepping in front of a moving beer truck before I sing. I mean, which is the appropriate choice? Liquor or shock and agh!!! Lord knows I don’t want to scare the children by coming out and singing the national anthem from the depths of my toenails so I have to do something to shock my system into responding to the “Call” at 9:00 in the morning? I don’t want to end up a YOUTUBE sensation this way? Listen mamma – that big lady sounds just like Uncle Charlie! So – I gotta get a plan together. I can do it. I can see it! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and It’s mine! After the anthem, I get to be the Master of Ceremonies and emcee the parade and annouce every team from T-ball to Varsity. Yeah …..okay – so I’ll have fun. I mean – how many times in life do you get to MC a PARADE??? I know! Right?

Mercy, the things we do for our friends sometimes. But that is why they are friends. They know they can count on us even when they know we would much rather  be snuggled in bed and sleeping late on a Saturday morning. You gotta play to win. And winning in life means participating. So I am in. Making each day be the fullest and best it can be. After my Baseball Breakfast morning I am off to the Theatre downtown for tech rehearsal and then curtain up on “Dim Sum and Then Some…a Foriegn Affair”…Top the night off with after show dinner with friends then this rubenesque diva will have earned the right to snuggle my pillow one more night!

Sieze the day!!!

I love each and every one of you. And on Saturday I’ll be loving Jeff just a tad more.


Hell of a ride…..

When I was a kid I loved to make wishes on dandelions and blooooooow….The fuzzy white seed pods would fly apart and I watched them drift away in the summer sun like mini storm troopers parachuting to earth.  Honestly, I still love doing that. But I think I have refined the process. It’s not just WISHES anymore. It is CLEAR INTENT. It is pure thought, born of faith, that can become manifest if you just see it in your minds eye. Just like the wish you make before you blow out a birthday candle. Close you eyes and WISH. Close your eyes and see that wish coming true. Claim it with pure intent.

When you can stand your ground and proclaim with clear intent then you bend the ear of the Universe and you are heard. I have lots of wishes, some for me and some for you and some just for the dandelion.

Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t shy away from success. It is never to late to awaken your inner child and believe that all things are possible. Whether you are 8 or 80 you can redirect your life everyday you wake up and put your feet to the floor. Nuetral is not a speed. Engage your mind, awaken your heart and dream the bigger life you want into existence.

I love each and every one of you.


And a special shout out to Ragan who said on danceswithfat.blog today

“The fact that dating me means choosing to see beyond the stereotype of beauty is a natural screening process for cowards.  And that’s awesome, because you must be this brave to ride this ride.”

Oh yeah, baby! You know it!. And believe me, no matter what I weigh – I AM ONE HELL OF A RIDE!

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