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To be able to recieve you must be able to give. It is a cycle, a circle that must be completed to continue to spin.

We have been conditioned to think that giving is noble…and it is. Remember the old saying , “It’s is better to give than to recieve”, remember that? I heard it all my life, but it’s not true. It is an incomplete transaction. Allowing others to give to us challenges the shakey ground of worthiness that we all stand on. And God forbid you actually ASK for help. The thought is mortifying to many. But we encourage people all the time by saying “just let me know if you need anything”.

Allowing others to give to you IS an act of giving. You are allowing someone else, or GIFTING THEM, with the ability to give. To complete the circle and keep it going you must accept this gift . That is not to say you must exchange the kindness with the same person who gifted you. You may recieve a compliment today from a stranger in passing. Pass that compliment on . Gift another person with a compliment.

Sometimes it’s a simple encouragement that lifts your spirit. Pass that encouragement on. Don’t hold onto it. SHARE IT.

It’s amazing how much love and peace you can share in a day. Now just think about how powerful that is coming right back at cha.


I love each and every one of you

Juliana Wathen @2020

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