Share with your neighbor…

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Yes, even THAT guy.

It takes so little energy to be kind to man or beast. When you commit to being KIND, you cannot put stipulations on it. You can’t say, “I’ll only be kind to people I know”, or “I’ll only be kind to people in my neighborhood, or church or school”. To truly embrace KINDNESS you have to extend that kindness beyond your comfort zones.

I was delighted to see PePe LePew last night dining on my deck as he doesn’t show up very often. I snapped his picture and posted it on Facebook to annouce we had a new feral “Kitty” at the diner! Several people immediately warned me of the dangers of skunks. They are nasty, he’s gonna spray your deck, your house is gonna smell!!! The sky is falling!!!!

None of that happened. But it reminded me that there are preconcieved notions about everything and everyone. I actually sat beside the glass door and watched him eat and my cats joined me and we chatted with Pepe while he ate. He acknowledged us with a nod and a glance now and then. And when he had his fill he waddled off into the night. He might be back tonight with the standard rotation of raccoons, possums and feral cats and he may not. But that’s okay.

Don’t ration your kindness. Don’t ration your peace, your forgiveness, your joy, your love. SPREAD IT AROUND UNCONDITIONALLY!

I love each and every one of you.

Juliana Wathen @2020

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