I got this!

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Confidence doesn’t just happen. It comes about from challenging our comfort zones and expanding our awareness. Confidence is the manifest expression of knowledge. The KNOWING of who YOU are.

Knowledge is power…let me say that again. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

In this devisive time, many have shut out any chance of expanding their knowledge. They are standing firm in a stagnant state of protecting what they already know and guarding it with hate, judgement and intolerance. They have shut their eyes and ears to any new levels of learning, caring or forgiveness. Any confidence they had is eroding and fear takes it’s place.

Fear is no more than a lack of confidence or FAITH. Have faith that this too will pass. Have faith that God knows what is happening in the world and He has given you a choice on how YOU will respond to it. Many say that it has gone to far. That it is impossible to forgive, embrace or love past this time.

I challenge you with the KNOWLEDGE that it is not. It is never too late to learn to forgive, embrace and love. Acknowledge – ACT IN KNOWLEDGE that it starts in and with YOU. The responsibility to make this a better world starts with YOU. YOU GOT THIS!

I love each and every one of you.

Juliana Wathen @2020

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