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The Goldilocks Complex…..

I must admit. I have lived my life settling for many things that didn’t fit. I have a history of being overly agreeable. I would just deal with what was handed me and go with the flow.

I wasn’t one to complain if things were too hot or cold, too big or too small, too short or too tall. I settled in life and love.

In hindsight, I see that I was just glad to have something rather than nothing at all. What I should have done was continue to do just what Goldilocks did…..look for what was JUST RIGHT.

I’m ready to find the “JUST RIGHT” moments in my life. To do that, I have to be willing to crawl out of the bed that is too short no matter how accustomed to it I have become and put my feet on the floor. It’s time to point my feet towards the door and walk thru it.

I have 8 days of healthy eating under my belt. I deserve to feel “JUST RIGHT” about losing weight and being healthy.

I have worked hard this past year to find that “JUST RIGHT” spot in my core and make peace with myself for all the times that I have “SETTLED” in the past.

What I have discovered is that the more I allow myself to experience those “JUST RIGHT” moments the more I am inclined to pass up the ones that don’t completely fit.

Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin and happy. You just have to claim it. And sometimes THAT, in itself, can make you feel uncomfortable when you struggle with self worth. The only one keeping you from realizing your own worth ….is you.

I want what Goldilocks wants. From now on, I will settle for nothing less than “JUST RIGHT” in life and love. Don’t you settle either.

I love each and every one of you


Copyright 2012 Juliana Wathen

The Guarded Heart…..

Yes….Valentines Day is quickly approaching or as one smug son of a bitch so eloquently dubbed it,  “Singles Awareness Day”.

Some of us are single by choice and others by circumstance but there are many people out there that go to great lengths and extreme measures to GUARD their heart.  They have made a conscious decision to shield themselves in an attempt to thwart off  pain, disappointment, abandonment or betrayal. In their eyes they are protecting themselves from further damage and shoring up their most vulnerable bits and pieces. They are taking control and defending their territory in an attempt to stay SAFE.

The reality is…SAFE is a lonely place. You not only shield yourself from pain but from LOVE as well. Nothing can penetrate that reinforced skin. Love is something that has to flow. The more you allow it to flow into your heart the more it is able to flow from you. To experience love, You have to share it.

This Valentine’s Day, rethink that emotional chastity belt. Be open to love and love all you can.

I LOVE each and every one of you


Copyright 2012 Juliana Wathen


By Letting It Go….It All Gets Done…..

Every day I wake up is another day full of opportunity to make my life a better place to be. My goal is to have peace and prosperity in every direction I turn. The end result?  It’s just a whole hell of a lot easier to live a healthy lifestyle when you are just damn happy to be here.

Making changes and letting go of the past or negative thinking is a challenge but can be mastered. The pain you feel in your life is merely based on ATTACHMENTS. Attachments can be anything, a person, a place, a situation or even a hurtful word. As long as you remain ATTACHED to the PAIN, the pain will persist. When you spend time focusing on the pain then you amplify it with your energy.When you can honestly LET GO of the attachments you have made and cut the cord  then you will truly be free of the pain and frustration that clouds your day and limits your ability to move forward.

Making the decision to actually LET GO can be as nerve racking as the final moments standing on  the high dive platform for the first time. Your toes grip the edge of the board – as if they can hold you.You think about the dive. You mull it over in your mind again and again.  Knees together….shoulders square….jump up and out. The closer you get to jumping  the faster your heart races and butterflies swim in your stomach. But once you jump and leave that platform, there is no going back and suddenly you realize you have taken that proverbial leap of faith and placed your thoughts into actions and in doing so – find your freedom.

The accomplishment is exhilarating.

I love each and every one of you.


Copyright 2012 Juliana Wathen

Back in the saddle again…..

After a long absence of ….well…too damn long. I am back. Back in the saddle again.

There have been some good times and bad times since I was last here but always lots of learning.

I figured out that life  – no matter how old you are, is exactly like school…You go to class every day soooo anxious to graduate and dream of the day you no longer have to roll out at o-dark-thiry in the morning to make it to school. Graduation seems so far away. But eventually you turn in all the homework, write the papers and pass the class. And TA-DA! You have absorbed all the information presented to you and pat yourself on the back for FINALLY grasping the obvious and graduating.

Graduation is just the beginning my friend. But you go ahead and take a little time off and celebrate the accomplishment, maybe even brag a bit to family and friends. But it is all for not if you don’t use what you learn.

It’s kinda like being able to pass the written part of a driving test without ever getting behind the wheel. It doesn’t mean you can drive an 18 wheeler on an Ice Road.

Hard decision are hard because you have to actually think about them and weigh them out. Making the decision and living it is like crossing the Ice Road in record time with the heaviest load ever. Getting to the other side and cashing in your load beats any diploma on the wall.

If you’re gonna talk the talk – then walk the walk. I have on my sensible shoes….and I am walking!


I love each and every one of you


Copyright 2012 Juliana Wathen




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