Back in the saddle again…..

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After a long absence of ….well…too damn long. I am back. Back in the saddle again.

There have been some good times and bad times since I was last here but always lots of learning.

I figured out that life  – no matter how old you are, is exactly like school…You go to class every day soooo anxious to graduate and dream of the day you no longer have to roll out at o-dark-thiry in the morning to make it to school. Graduation seems so far away. But eventually you turn in all the homework, write the papers and pass the class. And TA-DA! You have absorbed all the information presented to you and pat yourself on the back for FINALLY grasping the obvious and graduating.

Graduation is just the beginning my friend. But you go ahead and take a little time off and celebrate the accomplishment, maybe even brag a bit to family and friends. But it is all for not if you don’t use what you learn.

It’s kinda like being able to pass the written part of a driving test without ever getting behind the wheel. It doesn’t mean you can drive an 18 wheeler on an Ice Road.

Hard decision are hard because you have to actually think about them and weigh them out. Making the decision and living it is like crossing the Ice Road in record time with the heaviest load ever. Getting to the other side and cashing in your load beats any diploma on the wall.

If you’re gonna talk the talk – then walk the walk. I have on my sensible shoes….and I am walking!


I love each and every one of you


Copyright 2012 Juliana Wathen




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