I believe I can fly…..


There comes a time in life when all the coaching, advice and best wishes of friends, family and mentors can’t help you anymore. You have done the work and climbed the mountain. At some point you have to make that leap of faith and believe that all the training will serve you well. You gotta spread your wings and fly. Just jump for Christ’s sake. BE THE BIRD!

You gotta love the animal spirits in the world. Turtles that crawl up from the sandy beaches and instinctively head into the surf. No swimming lessons for them – they just dive headlong into the water! No floaties, no nose clips, they head straight for the deep end.  Birds are pretty cool too. One day they just decide to jump! And there you have it! Sometimes momma gives them a nudge cause she is damn sick and tired of regurgitating worms up 10 times a day to feed them. After weeks of benging and purging I bet “empty nest” syndrome never crosses her mind! Animals haven’t locked in on this code of fear like humans have. Instead they have an incredible and inherent sense of BELIEF.

As I have gotten older I have gotten to a point where I can honestly say. I BELIEVE. I believe in me. Cause if I don’t, who will? Others can believe in you all day long but they can’t fly for you. They can tell you how to do it and where and when….but that is about it.

Nope. If you wanna soar, you gotta jump out of the nest on all your own. Everyone else is just a cheerleader on the sideline…and I personally LOVE cheerleaders…unless they are too skinny. I hate looking at anything I could bust like a twig. I’M JUST SAYING!

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. Hide and watch. There’s gonna be some great things coming our way!

I love each and every one of you. Even if you think your excluded, your not.


3 comments on “I believe I can fly…..”

  1. Good one, Juliana! I concur. If you keep searching outside yourself for all the answers, you’ll never find them. One day, you have to look in the mirror and say, “I am whole and complete, and I know who I am.” Good Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise. Thank you!


  2. another GREAT blog. thanks JW. LOVE the statement on animals believe, no fear there. Fear is all made up anyway, give it up, and believe.


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