Hell of a ride…..


When I was a kid I loved to make wishes on dandelions and blooooooow….The fuzzy white seed pods would fly apart and I watched them drift away in the summer sun like mini storm troopers parachuting to earth.  Honestly, I still love doing that. But I think I have refined the process. It’s not just WISHES anymore. It is CLEAR INTENT. It is pure thought, born of faith, that can become manifest if you just see it in your minds eye. Just like the wish you make before you blow out a birthday candle. Close you eyes and WISH. Close your eyes and see that wish coming true. Claim it with pure intent.

When you can stand your ground and proclaim with clear intent then you bend the ear of the Universe and you are heard. I have lots of wishes, some for me and some for you and some just for the dandelion.

Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t shy away from success. It is never to late to awaken your inner child and believe that all things are possible. Whether you are 8 or 80 you can redirect your life everyday you wake up and put your feet to the floor. Nuetral is not a speed. Engage your mind, awaken your heart and dream the bigger life you want into existence.

I love each and every one of you.


And a special shout out to Ragan who said on danceswithfat.blog today

“The fact that dating me means choosing to see beyond the stereotype of beauty is a natural screening process for cowards.  And that’s awesome, because you must be this brave to ride this ride.”

Oh yeah, baby! You know it!. And believe me, no matter what I weigh – I AM ONE HELL OF A RIDE!

4 comments on “Hell of a ride…..”

  1. haaaa, “you are one hell of a ride”..LOVE IT! this was a great post JW. If I might add to bring the light into your soule (from sole to soul).,.there is so much energy out there to put through our beings and into others. We are but a vessell for transmission….


  2. Hey sista! Just letting you know you have my permission to use any of my photos in your blogs. I have tons of D2 blowing dandelions just like this. Here is my flickr link so you can scope out images for future use: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elizabethcrocker
    you won’t be able to download any, but let me know which ones you like & I will send you a higher quality version.

    And, as always, your blog is once again so inspiring!


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