The lil’ Engine that could…..


As you may, or hell, may not know…I’m a singer. I perform with the Bayou City Performing Arts in Houston. This coming Saturday is our big concert at Cullen Theater.

It seems rather timely that our conductor would have chosen a concert based on all the diversity around the world. There is so much unrest in the middle east and countries struggling for democracy. Men, women and children have been displaced in Japan by mother nature and the failings of man to predict what good ole mother earth was capable of. Many have lost there lives in the past month on many fronts, for many reasons. So, it is only fitting that we, The Women’s Chorus of Houston, The Gay Men’s Chorus and the Bayou City Chorale should all come together in the universal language of music with such wonderful guests performers as the KIPP SHARP Singers and the United Nations Association International Choir.

I have never been very good at memorizing lyrics and this show is no exception. Songs in Indian, Hebrew, Hawaiian, African, Spanish boy, talk about a mouth full. But I am studying…okay, cramming. I think I can, I think I can….Crap, even the English is hard since the tempo is running mach 90 with it’s hair on fire.I don’t think I studied this hard in college…well, except for Costume History and that class was a bitch!

Anyway,we are all putting forth our best efforts to show that Bayou City Performing Arts isn’t just about sexual diversity and tolerance. It’s GLOBAL diversity and tolerance. When we can put aside the things that make us different and focus on the things we have in common we, as a species, can move mountains. Peace between neighbors is possible and a helping hand is just outside your front door.

if you happen to be in Houston this Saturday,March 26th, Take my hand. Come travel around the world with us. I love each and every one of you. And I promise I’ll know all my songs by Saturday!….I think I can , I think I can…..


Other guest artists include:

Brazilian Arts Foundation – Corazon de Mariachi – Golden Peacock Dance Company – Intuitive African Dance & Drum Culture – JTunes – Kuja Kim Korean Dance – Yellow River Chorus – McTeggart Irish Dancers of South Texas – Nritya School of Dance – Pride of the Pacific

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