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Who you calling short?…..


So when you drop a ton of weight, one of the drawbacks is on your pocket-book. You gotta buy new clothes some time!
On Tuesday evening I made my pilgrimage to my local favorite fat store.
I scoured through the racks of brightly colored summer offerings searching for what had quickly become an elusive and rare pair of black dress slacks. After sifting through jeans, shorts and capris galore I finally I found the golden bar holding the ONLY slacks in the store.I’m a gambler by nature and I hate to try on clothes and mostly, never do, but after 82lbs down the drain it is a necessity for a decent fit.I had one shot and had to get it right.
I grabbed a few sizes and headed for the dressing room. The first pair was too large, the second I couldn’t pull over my pancake ass but the third was juuuuuuust right. I wouldn’t even have to hem them!!!!
I wasn’t crazy about the price but it was, after all, a necessity.
I wrangled a chatty sales associate with a lively “I’m ready to check out , please!” and braced my self to scan my debit card.
He rang up the slacks and suddenly the price changed on the read out and $20.00 dollars was posted as a discount! “They’re on SALE?” I exclaimed in a girly high-pitched voice reminiscent of a tacky tween.
ūüė¶ My first reaction? I was pissed! I was worried about hemming capris??? Damn it!
Then I decided the Universe was cutting me a break and I should smile, say thank you and exit the store immediately with my $20.00 discount. I don’t care what you say! I’m not THAT damn short!

Just saying!

I love each and every one of you
Copyright 2013 Juliana Wathen

I Got You Babe!…..


Without you …..I would not experience Faith

Without you …..I wouldn’t be challenged to Trust

Without you…..I would not strive to make the World a Better Place

Without you…..I would not push myself to get to the Other Side

Without you…..I would not experience Unconditional Love

I would not be who I am today without all the experiences, conditions and people that have touched my day to day life.
It truly is YOU AND ME BABE!

I love each and every one of you

Copy Right 2013 Juliana Wathen

Keep the good times coming…..

I know…I know, where the hell have I been? Well, I’ve been living life.¬†What you been do’in?

I hope you haven’t been waiting on me….or

Waiting on the RIGHT time to do something…..or,¬†for the RIGHT person to do it with…..or

The RIGHT moment to do whatever the hell you THINK is gonna make you happy.

TIME is endless…our time here is not.

It has been a year since my father passed away. On the one year anniversary of his passing my sweet mother asked if I thought his life was as happy as he wanted. ¬†I replied, “Is anybodies?”

It made me think for a while about his life. And I thought ¬† “NO” …Though he always seemed to do what he wanted, when he wanted….I don’t believe it was as happy a life as he would have liked.

It made me think even more .Who is responsible for what we get out of life? The answer was as obvious as the dirty clothes piled on my bedroom floor. ¬†We are….. I am. ¬†So, I am taking ownership of my happiness. I am taking responsibility for my life and it’s outcome.

LIFE is too short to wait.

I love each and every one of you


Copyright Juliana Wathen 2013

Unwrap it but save the bow…..

It’s Christmas Day and that means the end of the year is creeping closer and closer and 2011 will be coming to an end.

I set out 12 months ago to “HAVE THE BEST YEAR EVER” and despite the ups and downs of day to day life and the passing of family and friends, I have to say that it was indeed the best year ever.

You can’t measure life lessons with a stick or a scale but by the fact that you made it to the other side and can look over your shoulder and see that there is a finish line behind you.

Make no mistake. The game of life is not over – you just “leveled up”.

THE END is just a New Beginning.

Look forward to the life lessons that will come your way in 2012. Live in the moment and enjoy the ride. Your life is just that, YOURS. Create it to the best of your ability knowing that you are limitless in your divine power to create and adjust according to your needs.

Life is a gift. Stop shaking the box and unwrap it today.

I love each and every one of you.


The common sense of giving…..

When you give a homeless man a dollar on the street, you would never expect him to give you a dollar the next day or next year. You gave it because you had it to spare and he had none.You have no expectations of ever seeing that dollar again and you go on with your life. If you didn’t have that dollar in your pocket – you would not have offered it.This is the common sense of giving.

I keep running into people who complain and actually work themselves into a tizzie explaining that they give and give to friends, co-workers, or loved ones and that those people never reciprocate. Somehow, simply knowing the person they are giving too wraps a layer of immense expectation around the gifts whether the gift is money, time or attention. Often…it is because they gave when they didn’t have it to spare or they had to make adjustments in their own lives to be able to offer the gift.

Examples range from:

I was there for my sister when her marriage failed she can’t spare 10 minutes and a cup of coffee to listen to my troubles.

I did without for years so my children would have what they need. Now they are working and I need help and it doesn’t even dawn on them that I might need help in my later years.

I volunteer for extra shifts all the time for one of my co-workers when they have special occasions they want to take off for and I can’t ever get her to take a shift for me when I need it.

I make compromises in my relationship with my lover and she never seems to be willing to negotiate and meet me halfway.

Stop looking to the SISTER to give you the time back. Stop expecting the support you gave to come back to you from the person you gave it to.






Give freely all your gifts of love, attention and support to the people that are in need in your life. Give without expectation just as you would give to the homeless man on the corner . The gifts will come back to you from a hundred different directions if you just stop looking for it and let it. “Letting” it means, not looking for it because you are most certainly not looking in the right place. It just makes common sense.

I love each and every one of you


Copyright 2011 Juliana Wathen

Defensive Driving……

Okay – It can happen to ANYBODY. I got a speeding ticket in Bertram, Texas so I had to take Defensive Driving…I choose an on-line class because my schedule is just too unpredictable. The thought of spending 6 hours in front of my computer did NOT thrill me. But it had to be done.

I quickly surmised that I could multi-task during this process. So just to prove to you that shelling out $25.00 and taking the on-line course is less painful than a tooth extraction I have complied my TOP-TEN LIST of things I got done while taking Defensive Driving ON-LINE.

1.Watched two movies: Men in Tights and Biloxi Blues. CLASSICS!

2. Gave myself a facial and tweezed the annoying testosterone filled chin hair women of my age tend to sprout.

3.Made a fabulous Tuna salad filled with green onions, sweet pickles, celery and raisins.

4. While chopping veggies for above mentioned tuna salad I realized how dull my cutlery was…So I sharpened every blade in the house.

5. Made a photo montage for a friend.

6. Checked Facebook at least a dozen times. Nothing much going on.

7. Made some fab-u-lous Italian meatloaf that I baked in a muffin tin so I would aready have indiviual portions…It’s a Weight Watchers thang…don’t even try and wrap your mind around it.

8.Ironed three shirts and three pair of pants

9.Filed and buffed my mangled fingernails and FINALLY


GET’ER DONE! That’s all I got to say! I haven’t gotten this much done in 6 hours EVER!

Now I can get on with my weekend!

I love each and every one of you…Drive Safe!



NO PAIN¬† – NO GAIN! Yep that is the mantra of FOOTBALL…It’s finally¬† fall and time for tailgating and grid iron match ups on Sundays in America. The touchdowns and field goals are¬† bringing folks to their feet! Even I did an impromptu “end-zone celebration” in the middle of my living room after my team, the TEXANS won today. Winning feels gooooood.¬† The players leave it all out on the field. But with all the rewards comes the injury reports after every game. Pulled ham strings, broken hands, groin injuries, all are painful reminders that it takes all out effort to win.

So it goes with life. If you play it safe and take it easy you probably won’t have much heart-ache or misery in life. Sitting on the side line is safe but¬† it won’t get you noticed and let’s face it, even you are bored by just sitting there game after game after game.¬† But when you get on the field and give it your all there are going to be consequences. You’re gonna get¬† bumped, bruised and sometimes terribly hurt. The pain is not to make you miserable. It’s there to make you AWARE…. Aware of what it takes to win. Aware of the people that surround you that help you get where you wanna go. Aware of your own courage¬† to take the challenge.You can’t appreciate the win if you are not aware of the struggle to get there.

Life is meant to be lived. NO PAIN РNO GAIN!  Friends and family pass away, relationships fail and children may disappoint. But it is all there to make us MORE AWARE of all the good we have and all the progress we are making.

To be AWARE is to be ENLIGHTENED. It takes a champion to stand in the spotlight!

I love each and every one of you…and today I love my TEXANS just a little bit more.


Copyright 2011 Juliana Wathen

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