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Diary of a MAD FAT WOMAN…..Roadblocks

  • “When the Universe throws out one roadblock after another, how do you know whether the message is to quit or to redouble your efforts?”

I saw this as a status post yesterday. And it really got me to thinking. Life has been FULL of roadblocks and detours and there have been a few that have definitely made me want to just curl up and die. There have been other times I just dug in my heels, redouble my efforts and insisted on taking THAT particular road at all costs. Call it head strong, call it stubborn but really I was just resisting the tug of gravity to move in the right direction.

I have found that the Universe erects these roadblocks to nudge us in a new direction or a new way of approaching life. Some of our greatest accomplishments have come about because of our greatest challenges.

I set upon a path of journaling to help me focus on moving ahead. I thought I would never recover from the ending of a relationship that I saw as the love of my life. My health was spiraling out of control and I had no true passion for living. 48 yrs old and alone, I only had myself to talk me out of this overwhelming depression. So I did just that. I talked to myself and put it on paper and out to the Universe to hold me accountable. It has been therapy and an unexpected blessing. Responses come in everyday from people who have had the same feelings and questions in life. I am my own voice and I realize I am also theirs. 780 people read  DOAMFW…Hiding in Plain Sight yesterday. I am blown away.

My relationship was unsuccessful but the rewards and lessons I learned from it will bless me for the rest of my life. There are no mistakes, only life experiences. So the next time life throws you a roadblock. Stop, Look and Listen and see what direction the Universe is trying to nudge you into. LIFE, it’s the best Map Quest EVER!

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