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Are you OPEN for business? Are you actively participating in your daily life or are you closed for repairs.

I heard a story once of a monk who retreated to the top of the mountain to attain enlightenment. Days, months and even years passed till he thought he had a firm grasp on a peaceful attitude and an enlightened state of mind.

He decided to go down into a near village to share the wondrous secrets he had learned. So he gathered his staff and his robs and began his journey back to humanity. As he made his way down the mountain people began to notice him and come out of their houses for he had been gone for a very long time. Many were surprised to see him still alive. Children followed quickly on his heels. A crowd gathered all around him. The people were so excited to see the Monk. The crowd grew larger and he began to be bumped and pushed as more people wanted to get closer to the Monk. Many reached out to touch his garment. Some reached for the touch of his hand. A few even pulled his hair hoping for a keepsake of this man for they were sure he had attained greatness on his quest.

The Monk began to feel anxious and trapped. His calm demeanor had been replaced by pure fear. He grew more uncomfortable by the moment as the crowd swept him down the street. He pushed his way to the front of the pack in an attempt to escape but could not break free. He finally just stopped and screamed as loud as he could… The crowd stopped and stared at him. Finally a child spoke and said to the Monk in an excited voice. “What secrets have you brought to us, Monk?”

The Monk began to weep. He realized that for all the years of self imposed exile in search of the meaning of life and spiritual enlightenment he robbed himself of the daily experience of life itself.

We only grow by what we do, what we see and how we perceive the world around us. Being OPEN for business, open for new experiences in life, is what brings life our way. Seize the day!

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