Hiding in plain sight.

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Many of us spend each day HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT. We are content to go unnoticed and undiscovered.

I am guilty. Yes, I have developed my own well defined defenses that will keep my head down and in a word give me a sense of being SMALLER than I am. I will avoid wearing make-up most days, hardly ever wear jewelry and dress for comfort rather than to impress. Because what happens when I do make myself presentable?  PEOPLE  NOTICE.

The funny thing is – it’s not just about size and weight. People from all walks of life practice this every day. People who think they aren’t pretty enough, smart enough or successful enough. I have to ask what ENOUGH is? Who determines that sliding scale of acceptability? Well genius, it is self imposed.

Yes, there I go again. It is our own responsibility to determine our place in the world. We determine how much attention we garner every day. Being noticed is another way of being held accountable. I for one have avoided being held accountable as long as I can.  So the next time you try to convince yourself you are just a wall flower, ask yourself, from whom are you hiding?

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