Being a grownup sucks sometimes…..


Today, I finally made THAT call. The one you keep putting off cause you are sure things will get better. But for Mr. Punkin I am afraid the cold hard truth is that 17 yrs of living with me is the most ANYBODY has ever been able to endure and it has taken it’s toll.

My only wish is that when my quality of life fades that someone will load me in a horse trailer and throw a cow hide over me. Drive me to Willis, Texas to the oldest, blindest vet they can find and tell him the old milk cow  Bessy took a turn for the worse. Let him hit me with a hypodermic right then and there. It’s the humane thing to do.

I’ve had him longer than any girlfriend or roommate. Longer than any piece of clothing I own. Longer than ….most everything.

Punkin is old and cries when you pet him too rough. He won’t eat anything but the broth of the canned food and throws up anything else he might try to eat. He has a hard time remembering where the cat box is and some nights cries a lonesome cry that will make you jump up and check on him from a dead sleep.

He’s been there for me. He talked to me when no one else had the time. He sat with me when I was sick and even though I could never get out of the house with black pants on without taking half his hair with me, he’s been my company and my saving grace.

I’m gonna miss him when he is gone. His quality of life is fading fast. And I know that I will have to suck it up and make that trip to the vet . The one that says – sleep well – and I’ll see you on the other side. It sucks being a grownup some days. This will be one of them.

I love each and every one of you.


15 comments on “Being a grownup sucks sometimes…..”

  1. Aww, I’m so sorry, Juliana. I’ve been there, and my first baby lived to be 22. It is soooo hard to let them go, but you know it is the ultimate act of love. Bless your poor little Punkin and bless your heart.


  2. Oh Juliana, I am so sorry but for sure, it is the kindest thing and grandest act of love. This in no way makes it easier as I have had to do it for many of my fur family members. You have been the best and loving mom to him that he could ever ask for and for that he is blessed as you have been blessed with his devotion and love for you.
    You and Punkin both are in all our prayers.

    Love you dearly.


  3. I’m so sorry, Juliana. It’s the most difficult decision a furparent makes I think. I’m holding you and Punkin both in my thoughts.


    1. Sweet lap kitties are the best. Punkin was never much on being a lap kitty – but would sit on your feet – all of a sudden he has taken to crawling up and sleeping ON TOP of me.
      which is fine except when he sneezes in MY EAR! eewwww


  4. Juliana, I just had to put my beloved siamese cat Simon down 10 days ago. He also was with me for 17 years and was my first cat….and i hated cats. Simon taught me so much about unconditional love. I am crying for you for Pumpkin and for me and Simon. It’s so hard we love them so much and they just give give give. He was diabetic, as you know, 2 shots a day every day, 6 am., 6 p.m…..I miss him, I miss his prescense. It is hard. Just ask pumpkin to come back and be with you in the house. Take him to the vet. Let him go. I had to with Simon, he went into diabetic shock and convulsions…it broke my heart….you will find Pumpkin everywhere…yeah the hair of course, but when you least expect it, there will be kitty cat paw prints in many places……love u julia, call me for anything.


  5. Bless both of you…..I’m crying at the rememberance of being in that vet’s room holding the cats and dogs I’ve loved and dreading the day I have to do it again with the lively and lovely pets that grace my life now. Blessings to you, animal lover!


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