Weight Watchers….whose watching???


Alright, I have succumbed to the Jennifer Hudson hype and joined Weight Watchers on line for three months. That was $65.00 out of my budget that just vanished with the click of a keystroke. But there is still nobody WATCHING me…I can still eat what I like. There are no POINTS POLICE lurking behind the counter at the Local Popeye’s Chicken just waiting to bust me and take me down for a calorie violation.  Nope – not even a Meter Reader to issue me so much as a warning for parking at the Baskin Robins. What the hell did I pay for??? Dang it! There are no free rides even when you shell out cold hard electronic cash. I still have to do all the work myself. I have to plan meals and log in every POINT of substinance that passes my lips. And they tricked me – their is an ACTIVITY LOG to go with it….they even expect me to log how much I drink.

This is like…like…..HOMEWORK! What about my tan time? What about Dancing with the STARS? What about FACEBOOK????

Okay – I’m done bitching. I know (after finally reading my last hospital report about RESTRICTIONS) that I have to knuckle down and get on the ball. They have finally gotten really nasty about salt – it’s FORBIDDEN….and alcohol…I just don’t even want to talk about it. And after looking up points on a hotdog which remains one of my favorite foods – Well, let’s just say that after adding those points to the POINT TRACKER I wouldn’t be allowed to eat for a week.

Ho – hum…what’s a beautiful girl to do?…..COUNT Points with Jennifer Hudson I guess. I bet she doesn’t even log in her own points. I bet she  has a personal assistant that logs everything she eats into the POINT TRACKER and sends up a warning when she gets too close to going over budget for the day. Aghhh the life of the rich and famous.

I love each and every morsel of you


4 comments on “Weight Watchers….whose watching???”

  1. Hmmmmm. Maybe I’ll sign up, too. My sister did it in college, lost 60 pounds and has managed to keep it off within a 10 pound fluctuation. Dammit. I love food. Nothing puts me in a more horrible mood than being on a diet. I need to lose weight for health reasons at this point. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never be a “thin” woman (nor do I care to be) but my BP is becoming a borderline issue. 😦 suckage. I need to lose A LOT.


  2. Hey Julianna,

    My BFF in the hood did it, lost and kept off 45 lbs. She says you get pretty quick where you just know the points and can do them in your head. Wishing you all the best.



  3. I bet Ms Roth would volunteer to be your personal assistant and log your points for you. She is nice like that.


  4. Only thing bad about weight watchers is the food menu is that you have to keep your bowel open too. Dieting will make you so constipated you will want cascara segrada almost every day it is gentle will not hurt you but very very effective for elimination. I got a Join for free card thru 6/18 thinking about it myself lost quite a bit quit and it came back like a vengeance from hell. I think you have to stay on it forever to make it work forever. Jennifer Hudson has lost 80 points but yes on Oprah she kept asking her Weight Watcher Manager who was with her if she could tell Oprah or not how much she has lost. Losing 80 lbs sounds so good, but they should have a voice feature app at the Weight Watchers for my phone and when I find it perhaps I will join in. L A Z Y!


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