Strange Days Indeed…..


I started my day early today and was so thrilled to get the “Coming Soon” Poster from my designer!

I think it looks great!!! I was driving along today in the Galleria Area after dropping off a project  at a local hotel. I was thinking about the Posters for the show and post cards and web ads when another poster caught my eye. Standing in the median of Westheimer and the 610 Loop was a middle aged homeless man. He had a homemade poster made of discarded cardboard in his left hand and was giving it a shake at passing cars to get attention for a hand out. Not that unusual. These days, you’re doing good to approach any intersection in the city without seeing one or more panhandlers hoping for your stray ashtray change. But something about this guy caught my attention. It wasn’t his witty verbiage or the detailed graphics in sharpie on his sign. What I noticed was in the OTHER hand entirely. As was his attention. You see, our local panhandler was busy texting on his CELL PHONE….Yes, you read that correctly…he was busy TEXTING ON HIS CELL PHONE.

 Galleria traffic must be paying really well these days! If I hadn’t of had my jaw dropped to my feet I would have taken a picture of him with MY cell phone but I was too stunned for words.

Hell, by next week he’ll probably be set up on the corner with a desk, a lap top and an assistant to shake his sign at the traffic for him.


I love each and every one of you


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