Don’t give up the ship…..


One of the greatest assets we can possess is HOPE. Hope gives us the ability to move forward, to see ahead through the storm and on to clearer days and calmer seas.

It tells us “we can” when others, including ourselves, say “we can’t”. Hope is that small seed that propels us into the future. It is the spark that ignites our dreams. It is the fuel that carries us through the darkest hours and most difficult circumstances. It carries us through to the finish line.

Hope is the passion behind every smile you see every day of your life. It nurtures and molds our ability to love unconditionally and lays the foundation for our faith. It makes us who we are.

Without HOPE  there is no future or direction.

There are challenging days ahead for some folks and I have only these words to share with you as they were shared with me tonight.  Don’t give up the ship.

Never give up HOPE. I’ll lend you some of mine if you need it. I now have plenty to share.

I love each and every one of you and today I love the Acker Family  just a little bit more. We are sending you light, love and plenty of hope.

Juliana Wathen

Copyright 2011 Juliana Wathen

3 comments on “Don’t give up the ship…..”

  1. Never give up your HOPe….Love to you and the LAW family…Some days are diamonds, some days are a lump of coal…but either way we must go through the bad to really enjoy the GOOD….I Love you and LAW..Love ya Brill


  2. Love and strength to Lori and family. Juliana you inspire us as usual.
    Two amazing women that we are so blessed to know. You give others strength when you are hurting yourselves…I have no words for what a gift that is that you have… it is certainly a gift directly from God above… to touch and heal and to always be so real.
    Love you both!


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