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Happy New Year

The commercials have already started this morning…LOSE WEIGHT NOW! SAY GOOD BYE TO THOSE HOLIDAY POUNDS! JOIN TODAY!!!

Well, I can’t blame it on the holidays. I can’t BLAME it on anyone but myself. As far back as I can remember I have been presented with and  held on to feelings of rejection, unworthiness and isolation. I always felt that I lived on the outside looking in. For every embarrassment and for every ounce of shame, I put a pound of flesh in my pocket.

Psychologist have written thousands of books on how the obese insulate and protect themselves with their weight. In reality…because we chose to hang on to the hurt and not see the lesson – we build up…not a wall to keep others out, that is a farce. We build ourselves into larger targets! We beg the universe to hit us again and again. Ask…and it shall be given. That is the law. I had no clue I knew how to use it so well and so simply.

So the lessons kept coming for 48 yrs. In 2010 I experienced what I hope is my last rejection.  My last step backwards with my health. My last failed love affair. My last imposed self isolation.

I release my “pound of flesh” for every embarrassment I have felt. A pound for each ounce of shame. I release each cell in my body that is not necessary to it’s positive function. I no longer see the need to be a target. I am a Child of God. Spirit within knows what I should look like and my body will adjust to this new consciousness.

In reality I am all that I chose to be;  an Artist, Actress, Singer, Writer, Explorer, Gambler, Chef, Friend, Daughter, Niece, a shoulder to cry on and a partner in crime.  I am many things to many people. I am that I AM.

Happy New Year

And may 2011 be your best year ever. I know it will be mine.

Ask, and it shall be given you.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

A simple lesson I had heard since childhood but have found so hard to incorporate into my daily lifestyle.After all, I am a product of the 80’s and shown a world of hard work and competition. How on earth could it be so simple?

A wonderful woman by the name of “Nanny” showed me how easily this simple principal can work. Life was moving on and we had been out of touch for a while. She reached out to me one day via Facebook and sent a beautiful note of well wishes and a final comment that she had noticed a picture of me in a gorgeous black beaded dress in one of my photo albums and if I ever had a thought to get rid of that dress she would gladly take it of my hands.

The dress had been hanging in my closet for several years and I realized what joy it would give her to have that dress.

I slid it from it’s hanger, folded and wrapped it carefully and slid it into box and sent it to her overnight with a note to “Enjoy”.

She was as giddy as a school girl with a new prom dress. She vowed to find a date for New Year’s Eve this year and wear the dress. She commented to me as matter of fact as can be…”Well, GOD said Ask, and it shall be given”…

Plainly and simply she applied the law. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for I am sure she has asked for a dapper gentleman caller to ring in the new year. Some say it is better to give than to receive…I say it is a balance. One cannot exist without the other.

Keep the energy flowing….give graciously….receive graciously. My cup runneth over.

Happy New Year Nanny

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