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Circle of Life…..

How many times have you said  ” Another time, another place and this would have worked perfectly” or “just not in the stars right now”. It seems to have been ‘MISSED” Synchronicity.
Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer. ( Carl Jung)
I recently read about “missed” synchronicity and how there really is no such thing.
You live in a circle,  If what came around when the timing was not appropriate was missed, it will come around again.  That is an honor in the NOW, is it not?  When you are in the NOW, you understand the circular way life works.  You will also understand that it is Spirit Who brings what you think you missed. ”  KRYON
That was a chunk to chew on….. but I think I get it.
Imagine a carousel and like most carousels it has a brass ring. The ring “synchronicity” is the constant. It does not waver or go away. The moving factor is YOU.How many times will you pass the ring before you NOTICE it? How long, once you become aware of the ring, will it take for you to realize you can reach out an take hold of it? How many times will you make adjustments in your position to grasp it successfully?
Great things happen to great people and the beauty is we are all great.  Haven’t you reached a goal before and when you reflected  upon the series of seemingly unrelated events that led you to that great moment it just seemed magical. Did you feel like all the stars just lined up perfectly for you in that instance. I’ve experienced it.
Spirit presents multiple brass rings in life. Some we see, some we grab and some pass us by unnoticed. The possibilities never waver, they are always there.
Life is a ride….grab the ring baby! If you don’t see it right now. Just keep your eyes open. BE AWARE.  It will come your way again.

I love each and every one of you.


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