Diary of a MAD * FAT * WOMAN…a journal of personal insight, crazy rants, battle of the bulge and mid life crisis….written by Juliana Wathen

I live in Houston, Texas and by day can be found booking social and corporate events. Some nights I am a homebody content to watch TV and curl up with a cat, other nights I am a social butterfly. Life has many choices. I try to choose as many as I can.

I love each and every one of you


Copyright 2011 Juliana M. Wathen

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5 comments on “About”

  1. Okay — I have been very patient because it’s the holidays and a) people are very busy; and b) I’m trying to be nice so Santa will come. But now I’m starting to get twitchy. I need the blog, J. Need it. Don’t make me beg.


      1. I can only imagine. I’m just messin’ witcha. Hang in there, and don’t forget to take care of yourself. And don’t worry about me — this impressively substantial archival collection to my right will sustain me until you see daylight again 🙂


  2. Where can I get a copy of your song: “I am a Better Person because I knew you”
    I am a therapist and this song is wonderful. I want my clients to be able to hear it.


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