I have to tell you that suddenly I realized – I AM LOVED-

For years I used this Love. I let it flow through me and gave it forth to child, to friend, to all that needed it. But inexplicably “I” never took from it and so became love-anemic.

I thought myself perhaps “unworthy” ?

When someone said “I love you”, I smiled as if to say , “so nice”, but really never did I accept the cup and drink my fill…not even God’s love in all it’s abundance. I made my own.

I was called “beloved”. BE…LOVED

I felt the warmth of this vibration but never recognized its life-giving force.

Now I KNOW. I have to hold these words in a conscious way near to my heart and learn to believe it. I feel this is a key to the riches unexplored by me, an absolute requisite to know true LIFE.

As a child I knew it- I remember my laughter of JOY, the Purity of tones whenever I sang.Where did I lose this trust in me? I do not know.

Important only is that suddenly I felt its absence…and as I skim over my life I find some many springs of LOVE where I am welcome to quench my thrist…

My God, I do thank you

that you have blessed me so



Authored by : Wanda Wathen date unknown.

I found this poem today in a file of my mothers. I don’t know when she wrote it, but I found it at just the right time. For me. For you. For everyone.

I love each and every one of you.

Juliana Wathen


4 comments on “Love-anemic”

  1. Beautiful. Needed this.

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  2. That is incredible to see that your beautiful Mom wrote this. It sounded exactly like you from the decades i have known you. My jaw dropped that it was Wanda.
    Im glad she realized it and I pray you do as well.

    Love you forever


  3. Sounds like many of us who do not drink from the wellspring at times. So glad you shared your Mom’s words.

    Love You,



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    Life doesn’t happen to you… You happen to Life.

    The Universe


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