Nature vs Nurture…..

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Nature vs. Nuture: That is the question!
Do I succumb to the call of nature and leave the warmth and comfort of my cozy bed to tip-toe my way across the cold concrete floor to the bathroom which will inevitably lead to the TV being on, coffee brewing and a “TO DO” list for the day?

Dang “To Do” List

  1. Head to CVS for Lady Clairol 6 1/2G…(I know. Hard to believe I have roots that need covering. Boggles my mind as well but when your much younger co-workers exclaim,”Oh my God – You have gray hair? That’s NOT your natural color?”, what choice do you have.)
  2. Shred List

OR! Do I hold on to my micro plush, mint green body pillow and snuggle down, eyes tightly shut, in an attempt to stave off my bladder and sleep just 30 minutes more on a Saturday morning?

Bladder 1 – Sleeping in on a Saturday 0


I love each and every one of you

Copyright 2013 Juliana Wathen

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