Who you calling short?…..



So when you drop a ton of weight, one of the drawbacks is on your pocket-book. You gotta buy new clothes some time!
On Tuesday evening I made my pilgrimage to my local favorite fat store.
I scoured through the racks of brightly colored summer offerings searching for what had quickly become an elusive and rare pair of black dress slacks. After sifting through jeans, shorts and capris galore I finally I found the golden bar holding the ONLY slacks in the store.I’m a gambler by nature and I hate to try on clothes and mostly, never do, but after 82lbs down the drain it is a necessity for a decent fit.I had one shot and had to get it right.
I grabbed a few sizes and headed for the dressing room. The first pair was too large, the second I couldn’t pull over my pancake ass but the third was juuuuuuust right. I wouldn’t even have to hem them!!!!
I wasn’t crazy about the price but it was, after all, a necessity.
I wrangled a chatty sales associate with a lively “I’m ready to check out , please!” and braced my self to scan my debit card.
He rang up the slacks and suddenly the price changed on the read out and $20.00 dollars was posted as a discount! “They’re on SALE?” I exclaimed in a girly high-pitched voice reminiscent of a tacky tween.
đŸ˜¦ My first reaction? I was pissed! I was worried about hemming capris??? Damn it!
Then I decided the Universe was cutting me a break and I should smile, say thank you and exit the store immediately with my $20.00 discount. I don’t care what you say! I’m not THAT damn short!

Just saying!

I love each and every one of you
Copyright 2013 Juliana Wathen

9 comments on “Who you calling short?…..”

  1. LOL…..OMG that made me crack up on the purchase of capri’s that went to your feet.
    I never thought of you as “that short” so I just think the tag was wrong and perhaps they weren’t actually capri’s. Yes….lets just say that.

    oh and with a SALE of $20, I hope you bought more than 1.


  2. As a “vertically challenged” person myself, I feel your pain, my friend. I am tired of pants that are miles too long and have the crotch down to my knees! And forget “petite”. Petite no longer means short; they think you must be “petite” all over…NOT!


  3. Who you foolin?

    You know the feeling of slippin into those were priceless! Agreed-short sucks, believe me I live it…. but stand a little taller my friend, the day is quickly approaching when that shop won’t serve you well!

    As always, Proud of you and supporting your journey;)


  4. I suppose Amazon women might wear capris when they’re not off wrestling crocodiles or whatnot. Every girl (except maybe this one) wants something stylish to wear for a night on the village. You must have grabbed a pair off the Jungle Goddess rack by mistake.


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