Getting Hit by a Beer Truck….


surgeon5bl8So my mom asked me, “Are you getting excited honey?” About what mom?..”Well, your surgery.” ( I’m having gastric by-pass tomorrow) Mom, really? That’s like asking me if I’m excited I’m about to be hit by a beer truck at full speed!….

No, I am not EXCITED about surgery. I am scared and anxious and could puke my shoes at the drop of a hat.

I tried to think last night when was the last time I felt so unsettled and uncertain. It was January this year. Opening night of Diary of a Mad* Fat*Woman. I was so scared I was sure I would throw up back stage before I went on.

When I REALLY thought about it I was a lot more scared that night than I am now. I was afraid of failing and sucking in general. I was putting my life out there in every detail for everyone to judge. And you know what? I did it. I made it through and it was life changing.

So I will expect no less tomorrow as I put my life out there one more time.

I’ll see you on the other side…..and it will be life changing.

I love each and every one of you.


Copy right Juliana Wathen 2012

13 comments on “Getting Hit by a Beer Truck….”

  1. So very proud of you!! And excited for you. Yes, it does feel like being hit by a truck – – but, damn is it worth the beat down! I have not faced near what you have faced and my life is already immensely better. Can’t imagine the amazing things in store for you. I love you. Reach out when you have the need.


  2. I am so excited for you!! Yes, it is like being hit by a truck – a giant, beautiful, amazing, life-changing truck! So worth the crush! I did not face near the issues you have, but my life is immensely altered! Amazing things in store for you. Can’t wait to see you fly!


  3. No one on this earth can give me the feeling I get when I hear you sing and you always astound me at your courage and grit! Embrace this venture the same way you do when you perform! You are beautiful, dear Huli! Onward!!!


  4. I am excited for you. Or…..maybe the selfish side is excited for myself because this surgery is your next step to getting on that other list for life saving procedures. We all want you around. I think it is safe to say you want to be around too.
    I know I don’t get a chance to hang out with you like we used to from the 80’s but the way i feel about our friendship and my love for you have never lessened and never will.
    You have taught me so many valuable lessens over the years and for that i am forever grateful.

    I love you dearly my friend and YES……I want you around for a very long time. You will do great tomorrow because it IS Gods will.


  5. My precious wave-rider, you can do anything!!! I had a dear friend once tell me “I’m better when I’m nervous”… so you’re gonna be GREAT… all is good!!!

    See you in a few (leaving about 1pm so plan to be there before dark)



  6. Here’s a Charlie Brown analogy for you: Lucy is the surgery. You are the football. Charlie Brown is illness and heart disease charging in to kick a field goal. Go, Lucy.

    I love you right back. You’re the bravest person I know – you eat life changing experiences for breakfast. I’ll be keeping you close tomorrow.



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