It does get better…..


There are times in life when that simple phrase “It does get better”, seems not only impossible but down right offensive. How can THIS get better, this loss, this crisis, this upheaval  or tragedy? How can I forget, let go or hope. I’ll tell you how. It’s called CHOICE.

Choice steers the bus down a better road. It DOES get better.

Time has the ability to heal all wounds. That doesn’t mean it won’t leave a scar. It just means at some point the bleeding stops and the pain lessens. And though scars can fade they never really go away. They just become part of the landscape.

Things do get better.

Rain follows drought. Peace follows turmoil. New life takes the place left vacant by the old. People you couldn’t count on are replaced by those you can. Fear is replaced by determination and progress becomes the master of stagnation.

Focus on what is in front of you. The past is already set and done, its outcome already decided. You cannot change it. You can only change the way in which you choose to view it and move forward. A multitude of choices line up in front of you like a breakfast buffet. What you put on your plate is up to you.

I love each and every one of you


Copyright 2011 Juliana Wathen





10 comments on “It does get better…..”

  1. Acknowledge and move on! To do that would put everything in a peaceful place wouldn’t it? All of the scaring for me in my life and the pain I have felt is from me not letting go, the pain comes from holding on it seems. You sweet girl have let go and let God/Goddess take it and relieve you of it, you are a miracle of transformation and positive changes.


  2. There are times, J, when you have an uncanny ability to say exactly what I need to hear precisely when I need to hear it. Thank you, my friend.



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