A message….

One comment

If you call ..and I don’t answer…it is because I cannot speak.

If you write…and I do not respond…it’s because I have no words

If you don’t see me….have faith that I am within

I love each and every one of you.





1 comments on “A message….”

  1. Think about you everyday. There are no words for any of us to say that brings comfort and giving you time and space is hopefully beneficial to you.
    I base this solely on my own experience with the loss of my Dad and I just kind of wanted to be left alone for the most part to absorb what just happened and didn’t want to talk about it over and over and over with every phone call.
    I know that sounds unappreciative of the wonderful friends that would call but by no means do I mean it that way. It was just my healing process.

    Love you dearly my friend.
    Here is you do need anything.


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