Coins for the ferryman…..


5 am came early and 9:15pm seems so late. Days last forever and nights crawl by.

A bottle of Windex, 2 cans of Fabreze, a canister of Clorox wipes and3 rolls of paper towels: my sister in laws and I clean thru the day to help pass the time between visitors, nurses and aids.

Prayers are said, tears are shed, the sign of the cross is made. The smell of cigars and fresh rosemary fill the evening air. A message is delivered in her ear and she has her peace at last. All she needed to know was that she and all she did for him mattered. Eventually it all quiets down till all you hear is the hum of the old refrigerator and the whirl of a box fan.

He struggles in the back room, silently searching his pockets for a coin to pay the ferryman.


3 comments on “Coins for the ferryman…..”

  1. Nothing can really be said to bring comfort during these times but, I just wanted to say, I love this post today and the statement of “coins for the ferryman”. It is such an emotional time for so many. To me, My heart is heavy for you, Wanda and the rest of your family. For Denver, I am excited and happy for him that his new journey with God will soon begin as I too look forward to this time for when it is my time. (Hopefully not for a while yet).

    you all are in my continued Prayers.


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