Just ask…..


Sorry for the prolonged radio silence but things have been a bit chaotic. Two funerals for fathers of childhood friends in a 4 day period and my own father is barely hanging on. We take it day by day and moment by moment and know that things happen in God’s time not ours.

I share with you today the simplest and yet most powerful meditation to date. I have been stunned at it’s power and the change it has brought to my life these past few weeks.

So many times we  – I, focus on the lack or the problem and pray for guidance to fix it or overcome it. I took a new slant over the last few weeks. I stopped NAMING the issues and simply….asked.

Asked?..yeah…ASKED…..that simple.

What do I ask for and how is that different from before? Simpler still. I ASKED my heart to open………( breath deeply and exhale) ….and to receive….( Breath deeply and exhale again)….. healing. Give it a try….I’ll wait….Now, do it three or four times and visualize the door to your heart opening and receiving this flow of energy into your heart with each breath.

Try this for a few days…that’s all it took for me to notice a change.

I don’t bother identifying negative situations or how something will be resolved. God knows better than I do what my challenges are. I refuse to give negativity any more power by isolating the issues. I simply desire – healing and to see it flowing to me. Spiritual, emotional or physical healing. The energy of “healing” will go where it is most needed without any direction from me or my GPS locator.

After a few days, I realize that the things that had me stressed the most I now felt peace about. I even searched for those icky feelings thinking they must be right there under the surface…like shaking a Christmas package I wanted to know what was inside…nothing…gone. Gone was the anxiety, the fear, and the dread.

I repeat this meditation every night. I’m curious to see what happens next. 🙂

I love each and every one of you.

And I thank you all for your encouragement and kind words as of late.

Much Love



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