Confidence is sexy….


I’ve been brooding the past few days over a post that encouraged people to read my blog. Which should be good, right??  Blogs by nature are out there to be read by anyone with access to the internet and so when you expose your thoughts and views to the world you have hopes that others will be entertained, enlightened or find a kinship in your thoughts. However, there are those that will stumble upon you and target you for ridicule and use as a tool to make them feel better about themselves.

So was the post this past week. A man in Tunisia, all the way around the world, posted the link for Diary of a Mad * FAT * WOMAN on his Facebook page with the comment, “Look at this fat lady trying to be sexy. hahaha. Check it out!“. Hmmmm. My first thought was WHAT THE HELL DID I EVER DO TO YOU? that quickly gave way to me blocking him from the Facebook page of DOAMFW. Besides, I didn’t recall posting ANY picture of myself trying to look sexy so I’m not sure what this guy was making a fuss about. And I certainly wasn’t going to feed his ego and little man syndrome by allowing him to abuse me on my own site. BYE-BYE Mr. Tunisia!

No, it’s not the first time, and no, I am not shocked. I have dealt with bullies all my life making crude comments about my weight. And I have endured the flip side of the coin and have had men write me about my blog saying how much they LOVED fat women. I am equally repulsed by both. Which has nothing to do with my being gay though men are the only ones swinging to  extremes on the love/hate meter.

Diary of a MAD * FAT* WOMAN isn’t about being crazy or pissed off. Though I have certainly been both in my day. It’s about the ups and downs life hands out to us and how we handle it. It’s not about BEING FAT, it’s about being a CONFIDENT WOMAN at any size.

I am overweight. NO DOUBT. And by today’s rules of extra thin perfection I shouldn’t EVER dare to be or feel sexy without being subject to public ridicule. And yet I KNOW what being sexy feels and looks like.

I have felt sexy when a lover smiled at the sight of me regardless of what I was wearing or how long my day had been. I have felt sexy when they melted into me with a long, warm enveloping hug and they relaxed away their problems in that embrace. I saw sexy when their confidence soared because I gave them room to try new things without judgement. We were sexy together when we felt comfortable surrendering to each other without hesitation. That level of trust is the sexiest thing I have ever encountered. It wasn’t a size or shape, a color or class. It was the confidence in the connection we shared. That’s what sexy is to me.

I feel compassion for the man in Tunisia who sought to bolster his own image with his friends by ridiculing the image he saw of me. His vision is so limited he might as well have been blind. He has probably passed by the most  incredible people  in his life because they didn’t meet his superficial standards. What a loss.  As we say in the South…Bless his heart.

And bless your heart and my heart. SEXY has a way of finding you when you least expect it.

I love each and every one of you.


Copyright 2011 Juliana Wathen




10 comments on “Confidence is sexy….”

  1. Wasn’t about your weight, J — it was about your voice and your message. Nothing frightens an insecure little man more than an empowered, independent woman. It was your confidence, your courage in putting yourself out there, and your advocacy of women loving and valuing themselves from the inside out that he found threatening, and he resorted to attacking your appearance to try and diminish those things. If it wasn’t your weight, it would’ve been something else. F*** him. Better yet, forgive him, forget him, and carry on.


  2. I am not surprised or shocked either because there are way too many people out there that don’t understand anything. He certainly does not understand the big picture of life and what your intent is. Therefore, glad you blocked him because we don’t need more negative expressing their opinions when they can’t see the forest for the trees.
    At this point in our lives (our ahem…..age) I personally don’t have the energy to try to get as many people as I used to, to see the bigger picture of life. I reserve that for people I feel positive about and people that I feel can be open and see and improve their own thoughts and opinions.
    Perhaps I am wrong for not thinking everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Well, that is not what I am saying……I am saying I personally don’t have energy for all of them anymore and I have myself, family and friends to devote my most precious energy to.

    Love Love Love YOU.


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