Piano Bar Blues……


Yes, Mrs. Lincoln, I have had a cocktail tonight and how did you enjoy the play? “Fine Mrs. Kennedy – how was the parade?

Okay…I had WAY to much fun working tonight. Work turned into unexpected play which is the BEST kinda play to have. I am perched up on the 18th floor of a lake resort and have to go down to check on a promotional event for a bunch of meeting planners….I’m in entertainment you seeeeee……….The DJ is in place…we nosh a bit over the steak and lobster and have a cocktail or two and as the easliy impressed corporate executives file in to the bowling Wii tounament I make my get away to the piano bar with…THE BOYS.

Nearly deserted, the bar is quiet…..”where’s the PIANO player for the PIANO bar” we ask….”taking a break” they tell us… great….we’ll have a cocktail. We settle into the posh couches and pull our feet up on the coffee tables after a long days work as if they were our own. I look at the other people behind us – trying to decern the familiar characteristics of a “Piano player”….searching…searchin…..g searching….BINGO….It’s the blind guy!!!!! The blind guy????

The same blind guy I saw 32 years ago at a high school talent show?….My talent show at MY high school….WTF????  I saw a woman take his arm about to lead him to the piano and I stopped them and asked…Hadden right?? she answered for him ‘Yes” ….I replied…”Are you his mother?” ohhhhhhh bad question…”No , I am his wife but I get that alot”….oh snap…..I JUST killed the conversation….

I asked Hadden if he remembered my name and he didn’t but it was okay – I sang with his brother who was three years older.

We settled into our couches and he began to play..none of it in my key BTW….Mr. Bojangles, Rocky Mountain High and The Entertainer…. I sang under my breath and one of my boys said – sing a song…I said “It’s NOT in my key”….Hadden’s wife chimed in – “he can play in any key just start singing”…And so I did….one song and then another….and another… and another. Lyrics supplied to me by a friend on a I phone…we started taking requests and he played so well he even followed me on a few songs he never heard before….True talent….we scooped up an extra 60 bucks for the tip jar for the folks draw in by the sound and we called it a night.

I was down tonight when I got here…but music lifted me right up out of my skin. We’re gonna do it again tomorrow night..since I’m here all weekend. Why not!

Music is a universal language…once you learn it , It rarely goes away. It cured what ailed me….tomorrow will be icing on the cake.

I love each and every one of you.


Copyright 2011 Juliana Wathen

14 comments on “Piano Bar Blues……”

  1. would have loved to heard you sing….btw, please send me those folks I can meet for speaking engagements….please …. break a leg tonite….


  2. Would love to hear you sing again. Aside from a couple of YouTube performances, the last time was a gozillian years ago at (I think) the Little Theater in Conroe (“When You’re Good to Mama” maybe?). That performance blew me away. I may be fuzzy on the song and the venue, but I clearly remember sitting slack-jawed in the audience thinking, “Jeeez-US, where did all THAT come from?”


  3. Too cool…u could sing at alot of places and make money..Because you GOT IT!!! THE VOICE…i must say I am jealous, but not in the bad way. I love to sing, but i just don’t have it..and that’s fine. Doesn’t mean i still don’t try..lol..And playing an instrument i want to do that also…These are some of the things i appreciate, and wished i had that talent. But i don’t, so i just enjoy those who do…Like you…LOL..Love you J…..


  4. ^(^&#^&^@^%!!! DANG IT! I was busy the entire weekend, when I came about my senses…it was late Sunday, BIG FAT BUMMER! I wanted to buzz in and say ‘hi’ and obviously I missed saying hi, I missed the show. I’m kicking myself right now 😦


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