Cheerleader in my pocket…..


Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???? Oh yeah….me too! I’m ready for all the hoopla and holler’in! I’m ready for pre-game parties on Sunday and the Bloody Mary bar on the club level at Reliant Stadium right on the fifty yard line. I’m ready for Monday Night Mayhem and over loaded Scooby Snack trays!

Just when I was making my snack list today and checking the budget….BAMM….Weight Watchers snatches $17.95 out of my bank account. Yea, yea yea, automatic draft is a wonderful thing. I hadn’t logged my points in a few weeks and was thinking…aghh I got this…which I didn’t but it didn’t seem like anyone was noticing. Suddenly, out of the blue, I get a cheerleader in my corner helping themselves to my money and saying “Come on , you can do it”…and chanting, “You’re Number 1, You’re Number 1”.  Well, she has a point. They don’t call it Weight WATCHERS for nothing I guess. Someone is always looking out for me. Weight Watchers Point Plus System – That’s a first down and home team has the ball. I’ll try not to fumble.

I needed my girls this morning when I had to take my car to the dealership. A long list of possible repairs and a nervous stomach was bearing down on me. Zoom-Zoom had some major rattling under the hood. Secondly, she ROARED when I drove and that had nothing to do with the ZOOM or the recall…Oh but Allan, my Mazda cheerleader who had on a less than inspiring outfit said not to worry. Turns out the rattle was a battery cable cover, the “ROAR” was uneven wear on my tires, an unseen faulty tire indicator was the hail Mary that gave me the free loaner car cause it was covered under the extended warranty. All in all….a $50.00 diagnostic. GO MAZDA! That’s another FIRST DOWN!

Half-time injury report puts my father coming out of the hospital tonight and being sent back home with hospice care starting tomorrow morning. They offered up a pace-maker this weekend but we all said, “No, Thank You”.  Wanda will have help now and they will be more comfortable at home. The game clock is winding down.

I got back in the game today at work and rolled thru some contracts. It’s good to be busy and have a routine. I never know what my days will look like from one to the next. But I do know I have plenty of things to look forward to.

Not all cheerleaders are easy to pick out of the crowd. Some are subtle and unseen. No pom-poms. No ultra cool boots, spray on tans or make up by a she-she salon. Aghhhhh…but they cheer me on from the sidelines everyday. They make the game….Just saying!

I love each and every one of you

PS….Texans beat the Jets! Thanks Monday Night Football!


Copyright 2011 Juliana Wathen

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