Amazing Grace…..


My life…My life has been filled with an immeasurable amount of grace in the past year. I am humbled and I am grateful. God didn’t put eyes in the back of my head for a reason. I accept that my past and the sum total of all my experiences makes me who I am today. But I don’t have to dwell on where I have been to see where I am going. Amazing Grace…how sweet the sound. It saved a soul like me. And so I was able to sing the old hymn for Randy’s Celebration of Life tonight. It was a great party. I’m sure he was proud. We were sure proud to have known him.   

I love each and every one of you, but tonight…..I sang for Randy. I hope you don’t mind.


4 comments on “Amazing Grace…..”

  1. Love the eyes in the back of your head line. What a great way to put that. I love you, friend.
    PS – that is a beautiful picture of you.


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