Life in a box…..


I never realized how many people live “inside the box”, sheltered and protected from life’s judgements,  till I started asking questions. And all I asked for was their STATS. You know….Hair color, eye color, height and weight….

In response to yesterday’s post I received stats on only 8  people out of 109 readers. They all answered the first three stats.  Only 6 posted where everyone could see….2 people sent me a private email. BUT of those, not everyone filled in weight. There were however some very creative responses.

Weight: Enough

Weight: More than enough

And the winner is        Weight: A Hundred and Plenty.

For those few that OWNED it – YOU ROCK!

You would think that people would be more open these days. They post everything about their lives on Facebook and I do mean EVERYTHING. Everyone wants you to “Copy and re-post” their latest causes. There are major debates about politics and religion….which I can remember all my days being told in the South you NEVER discuss politics or religion in mixed company. Course, I never was real clear if  “mixed Company” meant Republicans & Democrats or men & women….Still don’t know…ha! and don’t care so much.

If you think people divulge too much info on FB then check an on-line dating site.There are bra sizes 36 B or 42DD and “supposed” male endowments…but ask them how much they weigh and they run screaming from the chat room like a little girl. Makes me giggle!

I’m not sure what they think they are hiding…I can spot a size 18 or a 48 regular a hell of a lot quicker than I can tell their eyes are blue. IT’S JUST A NUMBER FOLKS!!!  IT DOESN’T DEFINE YOU!

So, not only did I POST my stats yesterday. 296 lbs if you missed it. I took it a bit further…How? Hmmmmmmm. Where would over a million people be able to see my numbers every week? Every bump and every bulge EXPOSED?

You got it! I applied on-line to Americas Biggest Loser today and I am going to take my big blues eyes to Austin, Texas on Saturday to meet with the Casting Team. Doesn’t matter if I get cast or not. It just matters that I am choosing to live OUTSIDE THE BOX. Better yet…I’m choosing to live.

I love each and every one of you


Copyright 2011 Juliana M. Wathen

22 comments on “Life in a box…..”

  1. That is awesome!!! you so have to say hi to jillian and bob for me!!!!!

    Well I didn’t realize those were the stats you were wanting. I will share the number too! I am at 208 s of right now but tomorrow is weigh in day so could be more 🙂

    Love you!


  2. Hi,

    I am blonde, blue eyed. I am five feet nine, and have dark blonde hair. I weight 175 pounds.
    And, I miss my friend. Sorry about the reunion. See you in September. Love Julie girl.


  3. I am 5′, salt and pepper (thanks to my lovely hairstylist Angela Paris), 108 lbs.
    And I am so excited for you that you get to go to Austin and try out! I’ll be thinking about you!


  4. How exciting – if they choose the prettiest, funniest, smartest and most loveable – you will win – hands down – those other folks might just as well not waste the gas to show up!!!!!


  5. Call me chicken –t I’m still not posting my weight. My box is warm and cozy thank you very much. Love and hugs Connie. P.S. Gary loves the blog too.


  6. Great news, Juliana! Very best of luck! What a hoot it would be if you made the show… ’cause you would literally MAKE the show! Those TV execs have no idea the ratings potential they are dealing with here!


  7. So now you’re gonna be a TV star, too? You know I’m rooting for you, but to be honest, I’m kinda worried that if you try to contain all that talent in too small a package, you might, you know, ‘splode or something. I’m with you all the way, just promise you won’t ‘splode.



  8. LOL..I Am fat! Doesn’t really matter if i put 274 or 280. I Am still fat. So only 6 put the whole truth and nothing but the truth. LOL…Like you said its only a number. Oh i still have GREEN eyes. You go knockem’ out sister. Don’t forget you have a crew of us backing you!!!! IF YOU CAN’T DO IT NO ONE CAN!!!!


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