Mark Twain said it best. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, It’s the size of the fight in the dog”.

Well, what can I say? This bitch….which I mean with the sincerest form of canine flattery, is not giving up yet!

I haven’t weighed in for the last three weeks…which if Weight Watchers was really earning their money and  watching me they would have known and reported to the proper dietary authorities. But since I heard no bells and whistles nor did I see the food police hanging out in front of my very secure apartment, I must have gotten away with the 21 day furlow.

All is not lost my lil chickas! I have my new Bobby Sherman lunch box to inspire me back to dietary greatness! But that of course means the dreaded  WEIGH IN.

I noticed that my precious lil Bobby had his stats printed  on the side of the lunch box. Somehow I felt closer to him just knowing his parent’s names, that he had a sister, where he was born and of course his height, weight, hair and eye color. Ha! That little smidge on information really did satisfy the quizzical desires of a 7 yr old  back in 1970 didn’t it? And bless his heart, 5’9″ tall and only 135lbs….I could break him like a twig with just one hug.

ANYWAY….If lil Bobby…and a do mean little…could put up his stats up for the world  to see then what the hell. I can too.

This may not be pretty but here goes.


Juliana Marie Wathen

January 4, 1963

Born : Tulsa, Oklahoma

Parents: Wanda and Denver Wathen

Siblings: Irby, Denise, Vern and Fred

Height: 5’4″                           Weight: 296 lbs

Hair Color: Lady Clairol            Eye Color: Blue

Wow….I feel better already. I don’t think I’ll ever weigh 135lbs but I’m sure gonna give it my best shot to keep on keeping on. I’m fighting the battle for a healthier me. I’ve got a lot on my plate so to speak and it ain’t chicken!  I took up Weight Watchers in April and my starting weight was 310. I got down to 290 three weeks ago so hopefully I can regain my ground and keep on going.

Just remember, If you can’t run with the big dogs…..stay on the porch!

I love each and every one of you



Copyright 2011 Juliana M. Wathen

15 comments on “BIG DOGS…..”

  1. Just keep focusing on the healthy… You are doing good.
    Bobby Sherman must be really small.
    Hugs from your cuzzin


  2. Teresa Annette Hill
    August 20th, 1969
    Born : Channelview, Texas
    Parents: Winfred Junior Hill and Irma Maxine Walker Mask
    Siblings: Jeffrey Hill and Avera Hill-Basham
    Height: 5’4.5″
    Weight: Enough
    Hair Color: whatever Nick Arrojo thinks
    Eye Color: Normally Green, sometimes blue


  3. OK
    Age 56
    Ht 5.2 Current Wt 123.2
    Hair color dyed
    Hobbies running and travel
    Juli is my cuzzzin anad she made me do this !!!!!


  4. Age 44
    Height 5’3
    Weight : Somewhere between 215 – 225… Don’t weigh myself unless I am at the doctor!
    Heaviest Weight: 310
    Hair: Salt and pepper
    Eyes Brown
    Hobbies: Reading, sitting at the beach reading, sitting in the river reading, and Reading
    There….. I ain’t scared! 🙂


  5. There are postings on Facebook as well….Rock on my lil Rock Stars
    Well, I ain’t gunna be afeared!!!

    L. Jay Meyer

    October 4, 1967

    Born : Houston, Texas

    Parents: Lonnie and Carlene Meyer

    Siblings: Jean and Chace

    Height: 5’11” Weight: 290 lbs

    Hair Color: Brown (what little is left) Eye Color: Hazel

    The we have Sle Bear who said
    My guts overfloweth…


    September 30, 1963

    Born: Bradenton, FL

    Parents: Mary and Elvis

    Sibling: Mark

    Height: 6′ 1″

    Weight: 239

    Bobby Sherman crush in elementary school. Have lost 175 lbs over the past 8 years and have kept off 140. The other 35 come and go as they please. I’m healthy and happier than I dreamed was possible.


  6. Nickname: Bon
    DOB: June 14, 1963 (48 yrs old)
    Born: St. Joseph’s Hospital in Houston, TX
    Parents: Joseph (Jay) and Rose Manning
    Siblings: Deborah and Jeffrey
    Height: was 5’9″ pre car wreck. 5’7″ now. 😦
    Weight: 218 (Heaviest 315)
    Hobbies: Eating Cheetoes. Movies, camping, visiting, occasionally drinking “butter nipples”.
    Surgeries: 13
    Celebrity Crushes: Elvis, Barbra Streisand, John Travolta, Sam Elliot.


  7. My stats
    40 years young
    5′ 2″ & eyes of blue
    Hair some shade of red (whatever I’m feeling at the time)
    Wt: 225
    I miss the day when I could tie my shoe and breathe at the same time.


  8. Leisa Anne McMullen (for a few more weeks 😉
    52 years of livin’
    5’7″ eyes blue/grey
    Hair dark blonde with light blonde streaks.
    Wt: 188
    But this is what I’m focusing on:
    Bust 40
    Waist 36
    Hips 42
    Would like to get back to 36/32/36.
    Bottom line, back to working out hard for an hour and my BP not shooting through the ceiling. Just want to be back in shape and to fit into my 10’s. I want to be pain free. My wonderful amazing husband to be loves me just as I am….and he means it. He doesn’t want skin and bones – good thing cause i have never been.
    Luv each and everyone of you!


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