You’re right……… It’s not about me…..it’s about moments and getting through to the next one.


Life is a lesson….I hate home work.

4 comments on ““IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU”……”

  1. Homework causes brain damage… Just saying! I see from facebook and your blog that you have so much going on and just wanted you to know that some crazy Conroe alumni in Georgia is thinking about you.


  2. Bear with me here while I get to the point:

    I have this new smart phone that’s way smarter than me. It’s always doing things I didn’t ask it to do for reasons I don’t understand. So anyway, it’s Saturday, and I’m at my mom’s house in East Hooterville where there’s no internet, so I grab my phone to check my email. The little green message light is flashing at me — smugly, because it know it knows something that I don’t know. I turn on the home screen expecting to see the email icon in the toolbar, but it’s not there. No email. There is, however, a long row of the little arrows that pop up when you download an attachment. Five attachments, no email. I ask the phone my standard question: “WTF?” It pretends to try not to smirk and says nothing. I tap the first arrow. The screen goes black for an instant, then glows orange: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. No other text, no email address, no name. I tap the second arrow: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. Third, fourth, fifth … all the same. Just that cryptic, anonymous, head-slap of a message. I did not discover the source of that message until I read your post on Monday.

    I still don’t have a clue as to how that image came to be downloaded on my phone without the email, and frankly, it kinda freaks me out. I realize that thinking this is somewhat counter to the meaning of the message, but I have to believe the universe was trying to tell me something. At this point, I have no idea what the “it” is that’s not about me, but I hope I know it when I see it; I really don’t want to have to be told twice.


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