A long day’s night…..


The day has been long sitting in a cold hospital room  navigating the ups and downs of Denver’s final care. He has slept most the day with only one incident of pain that required morphine. They dilated his lungs to help him breath and so he eased into the final tests today after refusing them earlier in the day.

I have all my gadgets with me, cell phone, laptop and ipod to keep me occupied. The room is dim and cold and not meant for “visitors” so much.  They have a pantry of Scooby snacks just down the hall…..not the Scooby snacks I should have perhaps, but the hot chocolate has helped to knock the frost off my nose for the moment.

Wanda sits huddled in her chair wrapped in the bright blue blanket that came from the ambulance ride. The windowless room keeps us from really keeping up with the passage of the day. It has been marked more by the passing of nursing shifts and technicians than anything else. They all try and engage Denver in conversation and ask a bevy of questions.  He has stated three different ages today. He has been 60, 90 and 80….the last one being the correct answer. When asked if he ever had any surgery he responded , “oh no!”…as he dangled his ONLY leg off the bed. Denver’s pat answer to most all questions today has been, “I guess” and “whatever”. His marquee charm has left the building.

We’re not sure what the night will hold. We live in the moment. Something we should do everyday anyway. If he stabilizes we will probably take him back home. If not, well, let’s just live in the moment shall we.

My friend Lori’s Dad is just upstairs with pneumonia. We seem to be living parallel lives these past few weeks. It’s all good.  Two against one is pretty good odds.

I love each and every one of you and am bless to know that my family is in so many prayers this evening.









4 comments on “A long day’s night…..”

  1. Oh Juliana,

    You are so blessed and such a blessing. I have sat in that chair too many times. Keep your head up and your mind open. You are in my thoughts. If I were in town, I’d bring you and Lori some good food!


    1. Well, I’m trying…doesn’t always feel that way when he is being nasty to everyone. he is pretty confused and I know hat just makes it harder on him to deal so i shouldn’t expect anything different. Got my smile on this morning! 🙂


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