Life of the party…..


What can I say…the weekend had a bit of a rough start on Friday talking to Doctors and looking at scans and going over the practical “Business” of end care.  Aghhh, but it ended with a bang up time with a whole lot of friends I knew a long time ago. A time when life was filled with yellow buses and school supplies, pranks, pep rallies and prom. I thank God I went cause I was soooooo tempted to SKIP IT like a Health Class.

I know, I know…I was preaching a hard-line the last few weeks telling people to “suck it up” and “get over their phobias” and ‘”just go have fun”. But I must admit, when I turned the car down the driveway that evening my stomach twisted and turned.  I looked at LAW and said…”I’d be okay staying home if you are”….but she grabbed my hand and squeezed as she often does and I knew I’d be okay.

Class reunions are a  right of passage for all of us I think. A time to put old demons to rest and realize we were all just doing the best we could to survive the human experience called “childhood”. We chatted, posed for pics, shared a drink and had a laugh or two. We eased into the evening and the people we had become.

Reunions aren’t so much for reliving the past as they are for processing our future. It’s a pit stop of sorts…  There’s a crew there that knows you and what makes you tick. One wipes away the grime from your windshield so you can see the road ahead. Others outfit you with a new set of tires to keep your grip on the road and someone else top’s off your tank to take you round the track a few more times.

I’m putting the petal to the metal and keeping my eye on the road ahead knowing I have the best pit crew ever assembled. It’s called Tiger Pride and we are all the LIFE OF THE PARTY in this experience called LIFE.

I love each and every one of you


3 comments on “Life of the party…..”

  1. I would like for us all to be very happy driving up to see one another and never have a moment’s doubt in ourselves or others. To tell you the truth, I was not very nervous. I don’t know if that makes me conceited, confident, or just plain ignorant! Let’s go for the last one and call it good. Thanks, Juliana! I will ALWAYS be happy to see you!


  2. “We eased into the evening and the people we had become.” — very nice.

    I wouldn’t have gone at all if you and LAW hadn’t nudged me along. In keeping with the automotive metaphor, let me just say that it’s great to have friends who will get all up in your grille when you need it.

    So, by what techno-voodoo did Carson come to be holding that sign?


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