Whose there….


Me who???

I’m not sure. I was hoping you could tell me….

Tell you what?

Who I am….

Are you lost??

I don’t think so…

So why did you knock on my door?

I’m not sure…It seemed like the right thing to do…

Do you need something? Are you hurt or hungry?

No. I’m think I’m just waiting….

Waiting?  Waiting for what?

Not sure…I think I’ll know it when I see it.

Should I call the Police?

Why? Are you afraid?

NO! Well, yes…maybe a little. I mean you’re here and I don’t know where you’re from or who you are, what you want or who even sent you….

Sometimes we over analyze and are so busy questioning our lives that we miss the guidance that comes our way. We are frozen by the lack of FAITH and live behind the door safely shut away from the world.  When OPPORTUNITY knocks….it rarely has time to explain how it got there. Be a good neighbor and open the door.

I love each and every one of you







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