The Final 24…..


7:00 PM TONIGHT…we enter the FINAL 24 hours before Conroe High School’s Class of 1981-  30 Year REUNION WEEKEND at Sam’s Boat at the Lake. What would Jack Bauer do?  (Cue music)

To hell with Jack! He got cancelled anyway. What are YOU gonna do?

It’s a little late to lose 20yrs in 20 minutes but if you wanna pay the premium – be my guest. I’m sure the swelling will go down in plenty of time for the “Most Well Preserved” contest. It’s scheduled to take place just before last call….must be present to win.

Oh, Look at it this way. If you look like you, only older, we’ll know who you are. If we have to keep asking everybody (and by everybody I mean Lisa Bull)…”Who is that again?” You might as well of stayed home and watched reruns of 24 while downing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

I know everybody can feel a little insecure at times. I’m a little freaked out too. 30 Yrs is a long time! I’ve only kept in touch with a handful of folks. And to be perfectly honest. I didn’t know most people in the school cause it was so dang huge!

Have you been feeling those little flutters in your stomach all day today? I have. A little quiezy?  Honey, bless our hearts! Feels just like Prom night jitters doesn’t it? Agh… but prom night was a long time ago. Look at the upside. We don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a corsage pin by our date, we don’t have a curfew and if our outfit pops off on the way home chances are it’s because we’re having a hot flash and the last thing we want is for someone to start TOUCHING us. I get it! Relax…It’s gonna be fun!

SO, what will I be doing during the last 24?  I’ll be  jamm’in to a custom playlist of top 100 songs of 1980-81 while I top of my bag of freshly laundered outfits. I’ve got all the basics covered from party to pool and back again. I’ll scann the FLARE one- more- time just to remind myself of the 80’s era and who apparently did what and when. (It’s like Cliff notes only with pictures) It’s coming back to me slowly but surely.  I’ll check arrival times on all my BFF’s. Paint my toes a festive color! Charge my camera battery and remind Marianne Merritt one more time….BIG GIRL PANTIES AND PJ’S at LORI’S….It’s the LAW.

I’ll see you there! Travel Safe!







7 comments on “The Final 24…..”

  1. Have a blast tomorrow night!! I had the best time at my 30 yr!!! It is amazing how quickly and easily you jump back in to things with old friends (and even some new ones). Can’t wait to see all the pics.


  2. Couple things here, J

    First, hot flash jokes aren’t funny anymore. I’m pretty sure hair has melted into my scalp in a couple of places.

    Second, I was going to advise that you paint only your toeNAILS, but you are such a free spirit, and I would never counsel you to rein in your muse in any way.

    Finally, as long as I wear the PJ’s, the rest of it’s nobody’s bi’ness. 🙂


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