The Boy Scout Motto…..


Being Prepared. It USED to mean a jump bag in  the trunk of  my car filled with all the necessities for an over night romp and a clean set of clothes for work the next day. NO walk of shame here!

Today? Not so much. First off. If you need to see me that bad on short notice…pack your own bag and get your ass to my house. I ain’t driving to South Dallas. Been there – done that.

And second…well, there is no second. Number 1 took care of everything.

I decided I better make up an emergency jump bag in case that call comes from mom, the hospital or a home health care provider. Ms Wanda made a statement the other day that just keeps ringing in my head. She was talking about herself and the passing of my dad but I’m thinking it could be about any of us. “You never know how you will react till it happens”. And she is right. All logic may fly right out the window and packing a toothbrush and underwear will likely be harder than you can imagine and lets face it, I have PLENTY of everything to make up a 4 day bag and not miss it in my daily routine. So, I did – rather hesitantly at first then my hyper Capricorn Organizer mode kicked in. Q-tips, cotton balls, nail clippers and file . Hair brush and comb and scrunchies with style. PJ’s and panties and socks galore – then all the makeup – the samples from the store. I’m packed and ready. I’ve done what I can,  to prepare for the day when the bad news comes.

I don’t know how I’ll act but I know what I’ll have. A lil bit of home in a polka dot bag.

I love each and every one of you

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers


3 comments on “The Boy Scout Motto…..”

  1. Not sure I like this one to much. Rings way to close to home for my taste. I know you are right..I know I most likely need to pack my own polka dot bag….just dont want to.


  2. Oh honey. What I can tell you is when that call comes you muddle and make it. It’s still a shock when you have been expecting it and even praying for it. It was so hard seeing my mother so ill and so miserable and in pain. As you have already figured out, roles change they become the child, you the parent. My mom fought that as much as anything. Mom passed 4 years ago on Abby’s 3rd birthday. I know that’s significant, but still haven’t figured out what to do with it. I do know I miss her everyday. I miss her for Abby too. Abby likes the things Mom always wanted me to like and would have loved every second. She was a hands on grandma and spent time with them. Abby won’t remember their time and will miss that , as there is no one else. Hugs , prayers and love. Take care of unfinished business, so you can go on without regrets. Say the things you need to, its important. This is from my phone and I am doing my best on a tiny keyboard, so please excuse me.


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