Back in School…..


Aghhhh the Lessons… is full of them. Sometimes they are easy and sometimes you have to repeat them over and over. First, you claim you just had a teacher that sucked and you just know you could have aced it if you just had a decent teacher. They were gunning for you from day one!

The fact of the matter is LIFE IS A LESSON…and if you don’t GET IT the first time it will present itself over and over and over until YOU do get it!.

Sometimes, distance gives us clarity and it is easy to see another person’s  life lesson because they are running parallel to our own experience. Compassion leads us to stick our nose in and offer our opinion. To raise the flag and say “Danger, danger Will Robinson!” Don’t feel like a failure if they don’t heed the warnings.

In attempting to steer them away from the heart break or crisis you know is coming you are actually interfering with THEIR LIFE LESSON. Sometimes the lesson IS the heart break , the disappointment or defeat. Their lesson IS the crisis AND the recovery. If you interfere today, then you just delay their lesson till tomorrow.

Show TRUE compassion, show the unconditional love of the Christ Consciousness. Allow people you care about to live out the lessons they have called into their own lives whether is be addiction, co-dependency or just plan fear to stand on their own two feet.  Support them with positive thoughts and prayer that they receive peace, love and perfect understanding from the Universe. THAT is Help. THAT is Compassion. THAT IS LOVE, BABY.

Be happy that you worked thru YOUR life lesson and have moved on to the next. Allow them to do the same.

I love each and every one of you


10 comments on “Back in School…..”

  1. Great to know that I have friends like you who love unconditionally.
    That love is what its all about 🙂
    I am so blessed to be a part of your life!


  2. A psychic once told me that I have a very old soul, This is not a compliment. Apparently, once’s soul gets held back until one can demonstrate mastery of certain preordained life lessons, and none of my prior incarnations met the minimum requirements. Between you and me, I really don’t think this one is going to take me out of the loop, either.


    1. Now that’s funny…

      My understanding of “old souls” is that we have a bunch of things to learn, and a bunch of lives to learn them in. We don’t learn everything in one life, any more than a high school student learns everything freshman year.

      An “old soul” isn’t always someone who has been “held back” because they have flunked their lessons (although some old souls do need to go to spiritual summer school to catch up on lessons they flunked the first time around) An old soul is one that has been through multiple life times and has a lot of experience.

      A “senior” in spiritual high school, if you will. But not automatically remedial….



  3. Respectfully, I have a partial disagreement with this.

    I’d agree that sometimes a person can sometimes generate a crisis as a life lesson because crisis can be a powerful teacher,

    I agree that we do not always do them a favor if we take away their crisis because they may create a BIGGER crisis

    But I don’t agree that, if we sound a warning call, that we are interfering with their life lesson

    Sometimes the lesson is the crisis…

    Sometimes the lesson is whether one can hear the “Look Out!” and choose to learn the easy way as opposed to the hard one.

    Cause that’s learning, too….



    1. I agree 100% ….it is when you wave the flag – flash the lights, send up a flare and blow the horn and they don’t respond that you realize that you are a distraction and the set of clif notes I thought they needed.
      It’s all good.Their lesson was my lesson.


      1. I’d say the point is to offer what you can, but not beat yourself up if they choose to crisis anyway. Free Will rocks, but Free Will also sometimes sucks, and people will still at times choose to do things the hard way.

        At that point, if you di the best you could do, that’s all you could do.



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