Shifting sands……


The shifting sands of life can sometimes seem to spread out in every direction and appear so vast an expanse of nothing-ness that you lose your bearings. Sand spills into every opening in your shoes making every step you take that much more difficult and uncomfortable. The hot winds have left you so parched you couldn’t call out a name if you tried. Progress seems impossible. Survival both emotional, mental and physical is challenged to the breaking point.

Stop – Look – Listen. That is not a freight train coming at you….it is an OASIS.

There you will find water to quench your thirst, shelter from the hot pounding rays of the sun and food to feed your soul.

Life is hardest when we put up the fight to cross the desert all in one trip. Take your time.

The prize is not in the far away distance…. the prize is already in your hand. Relax your grip and open your hand wide. Make room for the hand of inner voice to guide you to safety.

All that you have been and all that you have done has been a journey worth taking. There is more to come…..once you have rested.


I love each and every one of you. Today I say to someone I love – Love yourself just a little bit more.


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