Bless your time……


Bless your time. It was something I grew up hearing my grandmother say all the time. When I was younger I didn’t really understand what it meant and thought it sounded kinda stupid. Why didn’t she just say “God bless you” or “Thank you” like everybody else. Of course, it wasn’t as silly as the women all circled around the kitchen table commenting on how “pretty” her peaches, jams or jellies were she canned. Pretty?? You’re suppose to taste it – not look at it.

Well, NOW I get it. I understand them both. And yes. I have made up some “pretty” pickled beets in my day and my strawberry jam is gorgeous if I do say so myself!

Bless your time. It’s a THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy schedule. A THANK YOU for showing just how much you care. A THANK YOU for showing just how important a person is in  life. THANK YOU for taking the time to show it. Time is what many of us think we just don’t have enough of. But when you take the time to do something special for someone it’s not the dollar amount you spend but how much love, thought and time you put into the giving.

My sweet mama Wanda has spent the better part of the last 12 months making me a handmade, appliqued quilt with a likeness of my cat Punkin on it. I received the finished quilt this past weekend. And it is gorgeous! Look at that LOVE. Bless her time! She loves me real good! I am blessed…

Take the time to show you care.Take a minute to make a call, send a letter, drop in for a visit. help with a chore.  Someone might just say “Bless your time”.

I love each and every one of you. Bless your time for reading all I write.


My mamaw , Winnie Glover Johnson

3 comments on “Bless your time……”

  1. People often ask or say to me “How do you find the time to do that?” or “When do you have the time?” The truth is you make the time to do something for someone else, that is when you have the time to do it. That is as much of the gift as anything.


  2. That IS the gift baby! And Bless your time for bring me and Christina those rock’in lemon sqs in New York. We are STILL talking about those. BLESS YOUR TIME!!! OVER AND OVER AND OVER! BTW…They sure were pretty!


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