Toes in the sand…..


All work and no play makes for a very boring girl. But sometimes balance is hard to find. Sometimes you have to actually SCHEDULE the fun. When you quit letting life happen TO you and stop just reacting  to the things that come your way you can get a true sense of why you are here.

Sure, there are lessons that we have to trudge thru but there can be happy lessons along the way as well. Change your perception and you can change the world. And if you didn’t realize it yet. The world starts with YOU. The happier you are, the happier the people around you are. There is an old saying that I just love. “If Mamma ain’t happy, NOBODY is happy”. And I think that is true whether you are a mom or not. It just means that how you feel and react to the world impacts the people around you. Certainly makes sense to me.

So let me ask you, what kind of impact have you had today? Did you smile at your co-workers? Did you say thank you to the check out clerk? Did you greet your neighbor at the pool with a healthy hello? Did you tell someone they just frick’in matter? It’s the littlest gestures that can mean the most.

We were meant to be happy, healthy humans. We are here to experience all the wonders of the world. We are a blessing to all those we encounter. The Kingdom of Heaven is all around you if you will just take the time to see it. If you are out of wack, get on track. Take the time to dig your toes in the sand. Your feet will thank you. And so will all the people who love you and hold you dear. Cause let’s face it – HOW YOU FEEL MATTERS.

That is my Sunday lesson.    🙂

I love each and every one of you


5 comments on “Toes in the sand…..”

  1. From your ‘frost & tip party’ partner in crime – My Hair and I salute you!!!! We (my hair & I) are radiant today! We are all aglow! I can’t thank you enough!! But it’s not just my hair that feels healthy – it’s ,my Heart too!! Spending Saturday afternoon with you was like getting a shot in the arm!…and I will LOVE you always for that! Spending time with you was like……well, …..Hair Products…i.e…..Peroxide…..Lightener…etc…$10.00….. Vodka….$15.00……the gas to get to your house (ouch!) $20.00……….
    the RESULTS ……….PRICELESS!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxLOL 😉


  2. First off, I love going to your blog & finding my pictures! I love that you are using them!!!! Reading this today I was thinking about when we did the spirit group for a while. This made me think what I thought back then, this is your calling, to lead others to a more safe & secure spiritual place in their lives. Thanks you Huli!


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