Ice made from scratch…..


It’s been a very busy week and it has shown no signs of slowing down but a notice came across my email and Facebook this afternoon that stopped me in my tracks. Greg, a wonderful man who sang with us at BCPA, entered the hospital last night and while we were all busy with our chaotic lives of multi-tasking and meeting deadlines, he simply and quietly …..slipped away. Another voice has been added to the celestial choir.

It’s amazing that it can happen so fast. But it can. Lives change in  the blink of an eye.

It is a reminder to me to keep my focus in front of me and to live in the moment. It tells me to stop looking behind me and trying to tug the past and the people in it along with me. To let it go and travel light. Those that want to walk beside me will. Those that don’t, choose a different path because they need to. It’s not personal. Goals are as individual as DNA. I have before me a great life of my choosing. I create new aspects everyday. There is joy to be had and love to be shared. I don’t have to wait to be thinner or richer or healthier to have a good day.

We are often guilty of letting situations and other people’s circumstances steer us down a road that may not be the one we need to be on. That’s why God created exit ramps! Pull over on the shoulder and check your map. If you don’t have a map – keep driving forward till you see a BUC-EE’S

They have maps, snacks and ice made from scratch! Life is truly for the living. Make sure you are living it. Greg did.

I love each and every one of you


4 comments on “Ice made from scratch…..”

  1. Love this…I just had one of those days myself….everything I tried to get done took forever….the bank had to do things 2 times to get it right, so did the post office and then by the end of the day when I thought surely it would be over… the pharmacy had to send me away to come back in 10 min….Really? I did have to laugh…I was frustrated but, when i went to tell a friend and even telling you it seems a little silly that I got all bent out of shape… is short, road maps really do help!
    Love ya much,


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