Rants, Ramblings and General Diary of Juliana Wathen

Red Rover, Red Rover my friends coming over…for a three day WEEKEND!!!

Yes, I can be excited…excited I cleaned tonight for one! Look at Punkin sitting and watching TV at the end of the couch…on the floor. He’s not quite sure where to sit with everything so fresh and organized.

Matter of fact, I’m not quite sure where I can sit either. I don’t want to mess anything up.

Not that my friends would care one way or the other. That is the beauty of true friends. They don’t really care if there are crumbs in the corner as long as a big fat rat isn’t dining on them!

Friends are the people who feed your soul. They are there when you need them with an encouraging word and some times an ass chewing. Cause let’s face it, we all need both every now and then. Friendships aren’t always easy. They have ups and downs just like all relationships. But we tend to work harder on friendships. They are the rock when everything else turns sour.

They pick up the pieces when we are broken. Hopes are dashed and dreams are shattered and there they are with a broom and dust pan sweeping up the pieces and slowly they pour them back into our hand and say with a casual tone. “Drop Something?”…..”Want me to get the glue or you gonna throw that away?”

They are our partners in crime. Road Trip Co-Pilots. Wing-man. Fashion Consultant. House Fairy. Cheerleader. Confessor and Confidant. I’m excited I have been blessed with so many people I can call “friend”.

I love each and every one of you


Comments on: "Red Rover, Red Rover….." (2)

  1. Yay for friends, going to be a great weekend!
    I am putting in my order for a house fairy and a fashion consultant…I’m missing both of those genes!
    Grinning, cute post. Can’t wait to see you and meet your friends on Sunday!


  2. Belinda Manning said:

    I would be ok with a rat in your place as long as I didn’t have to share MY snack with it.


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