I’m not FAT ….I’m Fluffy!


It sounds good in theory anyway. Being fluffy instead of fat. That’s what a friend’s son told me once a few years back. That I was Fluffy – not FAT.

You see, kids don’t really have filters at 7, or 8, or 9….to him FAT was a negative thought and once he spent a few hours with me we were the best of pals and I couldn’t peel him off me. He was glued to my side.

His mother politely told him to GET OFF me. He replied that he couldn’t. “She is so soft and fluffy”, he exclaimed with a smile and nuzzled his face into my side.

Yep – that’s me. I’m broken in like an old Lazy Boy recliner. Soft and comfy in all the right places. I know I’m overweight. No nine-year old needs to tell me that. But somehow I have been able to win them over with my charm, wit and homemade peach cobbler.

I never had kids. When I was younger I believed that threat my mother yelled out at me when I misbehaved. “Someday you’ll have  kids and they’re gonna be JUST LIKE YOU. YOU JUST WAIT LITTLE LADY!”. I always thought – HELL NO I’M NOT! And I have lived by my proclamation.

So, I am Auntie, Aunt Huli, Tia. To Nieces and Nephews by blood and by choice. I am the coolest Aunt around. I answer calls at midnight from stranded college students. I hear about first kisses and broken hearts. I have done my fair share of homework , science projects and parties at Chucky Cheese. I’ve sat thru school and church concerts, plays and sports games at 8:00 am in the cold rainy morning.  I’ve dug thru mounds of dirty clothes in search of THE shirt that MUST be worn NOW! I’ve over bought and over indulged. I’ve bent the house rules, stayed up too late and let them sleep to long? YEP – I am Aunt Huli, Auntie, the fluffiest Tia in Town. I don’t mind it at all.

I made an impression – and so did they. There is a new one on the way this fall. I can’t wait to meet her…or him.

I love each and every one of you

Signing off – Your fluffiness – Juliana

3 comments on “I’m not FAT ….I’m Fluffy!”

  1. I’m right there with ya in the “auntie” department and I’ve loved every minute of it! Sometimes we argue and I question their judgment….and they do the same to me, I’m sure….but one thing I’m certain of is their unconditional love. And I wouldn’t trade that for all the riches the world has to offer. Come to think of it, their love IS the best the world has to offer! Cheers to Aunts everywhere!


  2. I have always been the.fluffy one in my family. When the cousins had kids that couldn’t sleep Aunt Jonette’s Boobs always did the trick. My daughter has always said it isn’t fat, it is love. Teaching kids not to see size should be right up there with teaching them not to see color. There is nothinthat makes me angrier than watching a child say something about the.size of someone and the parent doing nothing to correct them or make excuses. Your nieces and nephews are very lucky to have you in their lives!


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