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Remember back in the late 70’s when they used to show a commercial with a skillet on a stove with eggs frying in it and the sound bite was ‘THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS!” Sooo scary!

Fast forward thirty years and you see a malformed CANKLE resting on a couch. “This is your foot after a 12 hour day running all over Christ’s creation to get a show up and running”.

It looks much worse than it is – really…and it’s only one. The other is just fine…odd. I know. Just seems ironic that these days I pop 13 pills every morning to be healthy and instead of frying my brain I have swollen ankles. Where is the sense in that?

So what is a CANKLE – the Slang dictionary describes it as:

A fat ankle – one that is as thick as the person’s calf, such that there’s no visible anatomical difference in the two. From “calf” + “ankle.” Usually used in the plural.

I’m special…I only have one cankle tonight. And it doesn’t always look like this. Normally, I have ankles. So I am just gonna sit back and relax and put my cankle up. WAY UP! and see if it can’t find a way to return to normal all on it’s own. Hopefully I won’t wake up with a knalf or worse a vagiknee.

Tomorrow is another day…And I wouldn’t miss it!

I love each and every one of you and your cankles!




1 comments on “CANKLES!”

  1. You work hard and your temporary cankle is proof. You don’t have real cankles cuz those are reserve’s for actual fat ankles and yours are just swollen not naturally fat so that is the good news. However I hope and pray you do NOT wake up with a VAGIKNEE……That will be scary and will require notifying the media.


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