Happiness is.


Sometimes the silliest things make me happy.

I don’t know why or when it came about but for as long as I can remember ironing was always just fun to me.

These days I roll my office chair around in front of the TV. I prop open my antique ironing board and grab my can of lemon scented spray starch and just press the bejesus out of all my clothes. I like the smell of the starch and the sense of accomplishment when all the pants are done. I know it sounds silly. But there it is. It makes me happy. And while I was ironing today I thought of all the people I touched this weekend by showing up and participating and how they touched me in turn. JUST PARTICIPATING makes such a huge impact.

Opening day of little league was interesting for sure. 100’s of boys and girls took the field all in their respective age groups and teams. Coaches and kids alike in their new uniforms. I saw more than one little boy trying to adjust to the athletic cup that was ten times bigger than he was. And though I hated getting up so early – it was pretty damn funny to watch. Each of the kids that participated in the ceremony from flag bearer to leading the Little League pledge looked to me to get them through their part. There was fear in those little eyes…they were nervous. But they did just fine.

Evening came and I  sang in the show at Cullen Theater that focused on the need for peace in the world through diversity and acceptance. It was just the other side of awesome. Different countries, different languages, different styles of performance all brought together through music. It brought happiness to a full audience that clapped and cheered for more.

My weekend was just a reminder that we can make our own happiness. And it really doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Sometimes just showing up is enough.The only person who holds the key to your happiness is you. As we get older we sometimes forget where we put our keys. Check the bowl by the front door. I’ll bet you can find a spare there.

I love each and every one of you


4 comments on “Happiness is.”

  1. AWESOME show at Cullen. To bad I couldnt be there to hear u sing at the Little League kick off. Great to see u Sat. nite! ..
    PS. I dont even own an iron!!!!


  2. I have an iron somewhere….really I do….somewhere! I’ve got some dusting to do if that will bring you joy!
    The show was great, loved the diversity in music and movement. Quenched my pallet for art…for a time.
    My simple thing is cooking for a ton of folks. Filling the house with friends, good food, good wine and laughing until we are all beyond exhausted! Its so cathartic and way overdue! The BEST therapy for stress is laughter with BFF’s,


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