Many things in life can make us unhappy, unfulfilled expectations, disappointment, illness, rejection and loss. Any number of things can trigger this emotional response that seems to weigh us down so far into the muck and mire that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But the light is there. It never went away. It comes from INSIDE you, not from the world around you. The sadness comes from the effects of what is unbalanced around you. Dis-ease takes over our spirit and panic rises up in our throat like a huge lump too big to swallow and we scramble to hold onto the idea that we once thought would make our life complete.

To be UN-HAPPY is to be out of balance with who you are and what you value. Your moral compass is compromised. We often look for appreciation for the allowances and sacrifices we make when we compromise who we are. Rarely is that compromise acknowledged or appreciated. And so you give more, you wish more, you love more, all the while trying to fill a basin that is already broken. Eventually, having given all of yourself you can, you are left with not just one broken and empty basin but two. And you can only repair the one. You only have the power to fix your basin.

Sometimes the best gift you can gift a person is the space and time to fix themselves.

Being HAPPY makes you feel more alive that any other emotion. All other emotional staples lead to the sense of peace. When you are loved – you are happy, when you are successful you are happy.When you are reborn,  appreciated and made whole – you are HAPPY.  Your life is your own. If it’s not, then it is only because you have chosen to give it away. Once you claim your life back and are balanced and neither looking behind you or too far in front of you then you can realize that HAPPINESS is your choice. Choose to feel ALIVE. Choose to be HAPPY.

I love each and every one of you


4 comments on “Choice”

  1. When we realize that we must live through that which follows after making a choice we usually give our choices more than a casual thought. But once you realize that you do not care for the choice you have made you can always change it and grow from that experience. It is up to you for no one else can do it for you.


  2. I’m happy and content because of amazing friends who love unconditionally like you all! That kind of support can’t be purchased or guaranteed by relatives, it is a gift, given freely, no strings attached, priceless, appreciated, amazing!
    Group hug!


  3. Amen sister and you too Mom Wanda. I am so very thankful for both of your influences in my life for … oh my gosh … near 40 years now… you have helped make me and shape me and grow me as I continue to make the choice to continue to work on my basin. THANK YOU BOTH! Much warmth and many prayers!


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